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Register Today

Register to use the Student Recreation Center (SRC) with our cutting-edge hand reader at the Student Recreation Center. All you’ll need is your CSUN user ID and password. Non-students will need to be prepared to pay the appropriate membership fee.

Enter the SRC with just your hand! There’s no need to carry I.D.s or badges, remembering more passwords and waiting in long lines. Our biometrics technology measures the unique geometry of an individual’s hand for secure and fast identity recognition. It’s as simple as shaking hands.

Have questions or concerns regarding biometrics? Please see our biometrics FAQ below.

Under 18 years of age?

Your parent/guardian will need to sign the SRC waiver and guidelines form on your behalf before you can register and use the facility. The SRC will need to receive the originally signed document (not a scanned or faxed copy). You can either drop the document off at the front desk of the SRC or you can have your parent/guardian mail it in. Mailed documents should be sent to:

Attn: Kaila Lavin
University Student Union — Student Recreation Center
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff St
Northridge, CA 91330-8449

Please note that all documents will need to include the student’s name and CSUN ID number. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the SRC at:

Avoid Long Lines

Quick tips for a fast check in

  • Have your CSUN ID Number ready to go.
  • Punch in your ID Number and wait for the lights to indicate proper placement.
  • Slide your hand, keep it flat, and squeeze the prongs.
  • Make sure your palm and fingers are in contact with the hand-reader.

Good to know

  • Lock up your scooter or skateboard across from the SRC before you get in line
  • Padlocks are limited, please bring your own
  • Scan your hand to borrow/return towels
  • Bags need to be stored safely in the lockers
  • Expect longer lines at peak times (noon – 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. – midnight)
  • Classes are popular! Sign up for group exercise classes as early as one day in advance online, or in person at the Total Training Zone desk. Online registration will close 10 minutes prior to the class start time. Only in-person registration will be accepted from that point at the Total Training Zone desk.

Biometrics FAQs

What is biometrics?

Biometrics identifies people by a unique human characteristic. The size and shape of a hand, a fingerprint, the voice and several aspects of the eye are just some unique attributes. The word “biometric” simply means the measurement of a living trait, whether physiological or behavioral. Biometric technologies compare a person’s unique characteristics against a previously enrolled image for the purpose of recognition. It does not record finger or palm prints. 

How does it record my “handprint”?

Geometric measurements of the hand (lengths, widths, areas, and heights) are calculated from the silhouette and then “compressed” by a mathematical formula into a 9- byte numerical template. Since the compression is so high, it is infeasible to reverse-engineer the 9-byte template into the hand image or even the raw geometric measurements of the person that used the Hand Reader. The Hand Reader terminal does not collect and store an image of the hand, but instead it converts the image to a 9-byte numerical template which is a mathematical representation of size and shape of the hand. Once this numerical template is developed it is stored in a memory location which is defined by the person’s ID number. The Hand Reader measures the unique size and shape of the fingers and hand. Over 90 different measurements are made such as: length, width, thickness, and surface area. No finger prints or palm prints are taken. Each time a user puts their hand in the Hand Reader to check in, the Hand Reader takes another image of the hand, and the algorithm converts this image to a mathematical value and then compares this new template with the template the Hand Reader has stored previously. If the two templates match, identity is confirmed and the check in is recorded. 

Are there any privacy issues?

Hand geometry technology cannot be reverse-engineered to identify people. It does not store the image of the hand, but instead stores a 9-byte template which is a mathematical representation of the hand image. This mathematical value is meaningless to other devices. In addition, no fingerprint or palm print information is gathered. 

Is it safe?

The infrared lights used in the hand reader are similar to those used in remote controls for TVs and VCRs. Internal testing concluded that the light intensity generated by the infrared lights in the Hand Reader is significantly less than the light intensity generated by direct sunlight. Using a Hand Reader for 30 seconds a day is comparable to standing in the sun for 0.2 seconds. Schlage Biometrics has submitted Hand Reader information to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA did not report any hazards. The Federal Communications Commission requires that computers meet sub-part J of Part 15 of FCC rules. This section details radiated energy. Schlage Biometrics has tested to these standards and meets or exceeds them. Schlage Biometrics also meets the requirements of the European Community and is CE Certified. 

Do rings or Band-Aids have an effect?

Usually not enough to reject a valid user. Users should make sure that a ring is in the upright position and hand placement on the reader is accurate to avoid problems. 

What happens if I injure my hand and have it bandaged or in a cast?

You can be enrolled with your left hand; palm up while the right hand is disabled. It’s not as comfortable, but it will work. Be sure to notify the front desk immediately if this is an issue.