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Group Exercise Classes

Welcome Matadors! The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union is proud to offer the CSUN community a full menu of FREE fitness and mindfulness Group Exercise (GX) classes led by qualified and dynamic instructors including HIIT, Bodyweight training, ZUMBA® fitness, Yoga and more! If you are new to our GX community, make sure to follow the steps below on how to register for LIVE classes through the SRC MINDBODY Portal. Or try out some of our on-demand classes on the SRC YouTube Channel.  

Steps to Join a LIVE Group Exercise Class

Registration is simple and can be completed through the SRC MINDBODY portal or the MINDBODY Connect app. If you are new to MINDBODY, get started now by using the following steps:

Create a MINDBODY account, download the MINDBODY app and add “CSUN-Student Recreation Center” as a favorite.

Download the Zoom app or login through the CSUN Zoom website.
Note: Make sure to setup your Zoom account with the same name as your MINDBODY account. This will be used by your instructors in the check-in process.

Choose a Virtual Class and sign-up as early as 2 days in advance.
IMPORTANT: To receive an access link to the virtual class, members MUST opt in to receive emails or texts notifications from MINDBODY. To adjust these settings in your account, go to “My Info”.

Check-in to the Virtual Class by clicking on the link provided in your confirmation email/text as early as 10 minutes prior but no later than by the class start time.
Note: To avoid disruptions, participants who do not check-in prior to the class start time will not be allowed to join.

Having trouble with registering for a Virtual Group Exercise class? Contact us with questions at

Virtual Group Exercise Classes: Frequently Asked Questions

LIVE Group Exercise Class Schedule

Click class name for more information. Register for a class on the SRC MINDBODY Portal