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Boxing Training Program FAQs

Where is the Boxing Training Program located?

The Boxing Training Program is located in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) on the second floor, inside the Rob Newkirk Determination Studio.

Who can participate in this program?

The program is open to all SRC members with an active membership. Any non-SRC member participating in the program must purchase a guest pass for each day of attendance into the facility, and also be present with an SRC member at the time of entry.

What is an orientation?

An orientation is a 45 – 60 minute introductory workout to the Determination Studio, which covers studio rules, the use of studio equipment, workout progressions, as well as a basic tutorial on boxing form and techniques.

When can I complete an orientation?

SRC members may complete a one-on-one or group orientation at any time during normal boxing training hours.

After attending an orientation, members are able to participate in the Boxing Training Program as a returning member, however members are still required to follow the same sign-up process.

How do I sign-up?

Interested participants must sign-up for the Boxing Training Program at the Total Training Zone desk during listed boxing training hours of operation.

What do I need?

Hand wraps: required in order to attend any orientation and during designated boxing training hours. They can be purchased at the Pro Shop for $5.33.

Towels: as a friendly reminder, towels are required in all Training Zones and studios. Workout size towels are available free of charge, just pick one up at the Pro Shop or any of the Training Zone desks.

Can I bring my own gloves?

Using and/or bringing personal fitness equipment into the facility is prohibited, with the exception of boxing gloves for use in the Determination Studio, yoga mats, cycling cleats and workout gloves.

Can I bring my gym bag into the studio?

All personal items other than boxing gloves, hand wraps and a towel must be stored in a locker room prior to entering the studio. See Determination Studio Guidelines. 

Day use lockers are available in the hallway just outside the Determination Studio for participant’s convenience; however, personal items can also be stored in available lockers found in the locker rooms

What other activities can I do during the Boxing Training Program?

The Boxing Training Program is designed to assist SRC members who are interested in participating in an alternative workout, in the sport of Boxing. Therefore, all other forms of combat sports such as Kickboxing and Grappling are not permitted at any time. Additionally, no physical contact between participants or employees (i.e. sparring) is allowed. See Determination Studio Guidelines.