TUC Sponsored Programs

Available Reports

Project Budget Status (BBA) Report

Project Budget Status Reports are the most current reports and are condensed at an account-level.

They provide the information on the budgeted, committed, spent, and available funds of a project on an account level.

Project Budget Status Reports have the following limitations you should be aware of:

Payroll is processed twice a month, and usually posted on the 3rd or 18th of the month, therefore personnel cost are only up to date as of the last payroll posting date.

Indirect Cost are posted only once a month, usually on the 15th of the following month, therefore Indirect Costs are only up-to-date as of the last Indirect Cost posting date.

The reports are daily updated and posted on the Sponsored Programs Website at: http://www.csun.edu/sponsoredprograms/reports/

Detail Trial Balance

Detail Trial Balance Report

Detail Trial Balances are the most detailed project reports showing each individual accounting entry made in a project. They are usually generated after the closure of each month and contain all costs allocated to the project to end of the last month. The reports are available for through the CSUN portal (restrictions apply, please see 2.2). They may also be requested on demand at the TUC-Sponsored Programs Department for specific periods.

Detail Trial Balance via CSUN Portal

Principal Investigators and Research Administrators will be able to view the Detailed Trial Balances (DTBs) for their projects through the CSUN portal.

Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators:

Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators will be automatically set-up to view the DTB on the portal. The set-up in PeopleSoft may take a few weeks, in the meantime PI's and Co-PIs will receive an electronic version of the DTB per email.

Additional Recipients - TUC/CSUN employees:

To provide access for additional recipients to view the DTB, the Prinicpal Investigator must send an email to Myra Sadri at mahyar.sadri@csun.edu listing the recipients. Please note that only TUC/CSUN employees with portal access are able to view the DTB online.

Additional Recipients - Non-TUC/CSUN employees:

Additional recipients , who are not CSUN employees and therefore have no portal access, will not be able to view the DTB online but will be able to receive the DTBs via e-mail. The Prinicpal Investigator must send an email to Myra Sadri at mahyar.sadri@csun.edu listing the recipients and their email address.

To view/download your DTB through the portal:

Log on to the Campus Web Portal at // and click on the menu path on the left side of the screen 'Auxiliary Financials' , then 'Report Manager' , then the 'Sponsored Programs' icon . You should then be able to open the DTB(s) for your project(s).

You can download a detailed manual, describing the process at our Sponsored Programs website, at http://www.csun.edu/sponsoredprograms/reports/accessfinrepthruportal.doc.

Troubleshooting Tip:
In case you don't see your DTB on the portal, please check on how many days are listed in the field "View Process Request For:" The default number of days is usually set at 1 day. Please change the number of days to 30 days and then try again looking for the listed reports.

Currently, we are able to provide you only with the DTB report, as of the end of the last month that has been closed. We are working on a more updated (weekly/daily?) version of the DTB and will notify you immediately of any new developments.

Manual "How to Access Financial Reports through the CSUN Portal"

Custom Reports

Please contact The University Corporation - Sponsored Programs Dept. for custom reports. We will assist you in providing up-to date information on your project.