TUC Sponsored Programs

Operating - Purchasing via Vendor Contract

1.Signature Authorization

All vendor contracts can only be signed by an authorized signer from the Executive Team at The University Corporation:

  • Executive Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director Sponsored Programs & Financial Services
  • Administrative Services Director

Principal Investigators or project staff are not authorized to enter into a contractual agreement on behalf of The University Corporation.


2. PI Contract Approval

The Principal Investigator (or authorized signer) must provide a written document (email, memo) indicating their approval of the conditions of the contract. 


3. Vendor Contract Over $10,000

If the total value of the vendor contract exceeds $10,000, a TUC Purchase Order form is required.  TUC policies regarding bids or sole source documentation apply, as well.

4. Payment Milestones

If the vendor contract contains incremental payment milestones, it is the responsibility of the the P.I.(or authorized signer) to initiate the payment via a written approval.


5. Down Payments

Down payments specified in the vendor contract can be issued immediately at the the time the contract is executed. Subsequent installments, however need the approval by the P.I. (authorized signer) prior to payment. This approval can be made via email/ memo.

6. Optional Use of Check Requests

A check request can be utilized but it is not required, as long as the P.I.(authorized signer) has signed the P.O., approved the contract in writing and sent written approval for each incremental payment.

7.Initiating Incremental Payments

It remains the responsibility of the P.I./authorized signer to approve any incremental payments other than a deposit or down payment so that TUC is aware that work has been completed and milestones were met to the satisfaction of the P.I./ authorized signer.