TUC Sponsored Programs

Forms & Guides

Below are the forms and guides used for expenditure requests. All TUC Human Resources and Payroll forms are on this link.

ACH Payment Authorization - Accounts Payable 

Authorize vendor payment via ACH.

Activity Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement  (Release of Liability Waiver)

To be completed by all participants prior to departing on an activity under a sponsored project or fund

Activity/Field Trip Participant List

To completed by the lead Principal Investigator or Fund Director to record all student participants' emergency contact information before departing on an activity under a sponsored project or fund.

Advance Request Form

Use to request funds in advance of a travel or purchase in a fund or project

Authorization to Operate a Privately Owned Vehicle

Travel authorization to use personal vehicle. 

Bid/Quote/Sole Source Justification

Use for justifying purchases of $10,000 or more. 

Budget Revision Form

To move budget funds from one account to another within a project

Check Request - See Submitter's Guides for details

Request to pay a vendor or an individual to reimburse an expense or expenses.

Check Request - Staff & Student Employee, after logging into CSUN Portal: HR>Forms&Policies>EmployeeForms>TUC CheckRequestForm

Check Request - Faculty, after logging into CSUN Portal: Faculty>FacultyForms>TUC Check Request Form

Non-Electronic Form: Check Request (form)

Citizenship/Residency Statement

Confidential Payment to Research Participant

Confirmation of Instruction in Sponsored Programs Administration

To be completed to confirm that faculty underwent new PI orientation meeting with the liaison

Cost Sharing Budget

Cost Sharing Certification

Deposit (Cash) Transmittal Form

Deposit cash to a project, department, or fund.  Fill out, print, and bring form to TUC with cash or checks.

Direct Deposit/ACH Payroll Authorization

To set up direct deposit for payroll. 

Electronic Check Request Approver's Guide

Approver's guide to approving electronic check request via OnBase.

Electronic Check Request Submitter's Guide - Faculty

Faculty and staff guide to submitting electronic check request through Northridge portal

Electronic Check Request Submitter's Guide - Staff and Student

Student guide to submitting electronic check request through Northridge portal

Faculty Additional Pay Guide

Guide on how to use Faculty Additional Pay System. If you are on FERP, please contact the liaison of your project.

Training videos are also available:

TUC Pre-authorization Video

TUC Payment Authorization Video

Faculty Sign In Form for TUC Additional Pay

First Notification and Questionnaire for Subrecipient Monitoring

Foreign Travel Insurance

See MyCSUNglobe

Invoice Request For Auxiliary

This is a campus form used by CSUN divisions, colleges, and departments to create invoices for Auxiliary/TUC. This is a web form to route the document via Adobe Sign.

Lost/Itemized Receipt Form

Attach as a supporting when original receipt is lost or unavailable. Please ask your Post-Award liaison for the form's password. 

Parent Informed Consent Form for Minors

Participant Air Travel Informed Consent Statement

Participation Form for Stipends to Non-CSUN Students

Purchase Orders

Submit new purchase order or change requisition

Receipt for Incentive Payments to Research Participants

Request for Cost Transfer

Request for Independent Contractor Form

Create form which addresses the “Employment Status” of workers who claim to be Independent Contractors and not employees.

Request for Insurance Coverage

Request additional insurance coverage

Signature Authorization Form

Designate authority to expend from specific funds and projects.

Special Events Insurance Application

To apply for insurance for a special event in your sponsored project or fund.

Subrecipient Risk Assessment

Subsingle Audit Review

Travel Approval Form

Approval of travel before traveling.

Travel Expense Claim Form

Travel expenses reimbursement after travel for students and non-employees. 

Travel Links and Quick Reference Sheet 

TUC Staff Quick Links and Reference Sheet.

Vendor Data Record 

Required for Vendor to complete to receive payments from The University Corporation (TUC) in lieu of IRS W-9. 

Volunteer ID Form

Those persons who perform work or provide services to the university without financial gain are Volunteers.