TUC Sponsored Programs

Who is Responsible?

The administration of sponsored programs at California State University, Northridge is organized according to the 'Parallel Structure Model'.

Pre-Award and selected post award issues (budget revisions, no cost-extensions) are handled by the CSUN Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP).

Post-Award issues are handled on the auxiliary side by The University Corporation (TUC). The University Corporation has contracted with the CSUN Office of Human Resources (OHR) to perform certain HR functions (classifications, sign-in procedures, etc.)

The following parties are involved with the post-award administration of sponsored programs:

  • Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
  • The University Corporation (TUC)
  • Office of Human Resource Services at CSUN (OHR)
  • Dean's Offices of the Colleges

The segregation of duties and responsibilites are as follows:

1. Principal Investigator (PI)

Pre- and Post-Award Activities

  • General management of the grant
  • Execution of the project
  • Submittal of technical / progress reports
  • Ensuring cost matching
  • Submittal of cost matching reports

2. Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP)

Pre-Award Activities

  • Assistance w/ identification of funding sources
  • Assistance w/ development of project budget
  • Assistance w/ development of proposal
  • Proposal Submission
  • Negotiation with grantor

Post-Award Activities

  • Award notification
  • Budget revisions & no-cost extensions
  • Liaison between university and grantor
  • Compliance animal/human subjects
  • Research misconduct

3. The University Corporation (TUC)

Post-Award Activities

Project Accounting /Compliance

  • Approval of project related hiring
  • Approval & processing of project related expenditures (Purchase Orders, Check Requests, Timesheets, Salary Payment Authorizations, Faculty Release Time Reimbursement, Indenpendent Contractor)
  • Project accounting / budget monitoring
  • Ensuring compliance with finance related grant regulations
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Invoicing the grantor / Processing of receipts
  • Preparation and submittal of financial reports to grantor
  • Distribution of financial reports to Principal Investigators & Managers of Academic Resources
  • A-133 Single Audit / Special Audits
  • Subrecipient Monitoring (A-133 Audit Reports)
  • Effort Reporting
  • Asset Management
  • Obtaining necessary insurance coverage


  • Payroll Processing
  • Vacation/absence time monitoring

Human Resources

  • Hiring, change of status and termination of project staff (together with OHR)
  • Benefits (Health, Dental, Retirement, Insurances)

4. Office of Human Resource Services at CSUN (OHR)

Post-Award Activities

  • Hiring, change of status and termination of project staff (together with TUC-HR)

5. Dean's Office

Pre- and Post-Award Activities

  • General assistance
  • Cost matching assistance
  • Processing faculty release time