TUC Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs vs. Gifts

Sponsored Program

An awards should be considered a sponsored program, when:

  • The grantor is an agency of the local, state, or federal government.
  • There is a provision for audits by or on behalf of the grantor.
  • The grantor requires one or more detailed technical reports.
  • Testing or evaluation of proprietary products is involved
  • The acitivity is directed to satisfying specific grantor requirements (e.g., terms and conditions stating a precise scope of work rather than a general area of research or training)
  • Copyright or patent rights are requested by the grantor.
  • The project calls for administration of human subjects or animal subjects review or protection.

Sponsored Programs are administered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) (Pre-Award) and The University Corporation, Sponsored Programs (Post-Award).


An awards should be considered a gift, when:

  • The donor does not impose contractual requirements.
  • Funds are awarded irrevocably.
  • The award has none of the features of a sponsored programs listed below and the donor states that the award is a gift.

Gifts are administered by the CSU Northridge Foundation.