TUC Sponsored Programs

About TUC

1. Operation of Sponsored Programs

2. About The University Corporation

2.1 Overview

The University Corporation is a non-profit auxiliary corporation providing commercial and administrative services to California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and is also managing major projects for the campus. The University Corporation operates for the sole benefit of the CSUN and does not receive any state support. Its surplus generated through its commercial endeavors are transferred to the University for discretionary use.

2.2 Address

The University Corporation, Inc.
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, California 91330-8309
Phone: (818) 677 5298
Fax: (818) 677 2671

2.3 Type of Organization

Corporation, Non-Profit, 501(c)(3); subset: 509(a)(3)
Incorporated under the laws of the State of California

2.4 Date of Incorporation

August 1, 1958

2.5 Organization

Board of Directors of The University Corporation
Management and Staff of The University Corporation
Organizational Chart of The University Corporation File

3. Corporate Documents

Copies of the following corporate documents are available on request. Please contact Georg Jahn at (818) 677-2698 or John Griffin at (818) 677-4815:

  • Certificate Of Status Domestic Corporation (State of California, Secretary of State)
  • Certification as Non Profit, Public Benefit Corporation (State of California, Secretary of State)
  • Determination of Tax Exempt Status 501(c)(3) (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Exemption from State Franchise or Income Tax (State of California, Franchise Tax Board)
  • Tax Registration Certificate (City of Los Angeles)
  • Articles of Incorporation (The University Corporation)
  • Bylaws (The University Corporation)
  • CCR - Central Contractor Registration
    The U.S. Federal Government's primary registrant database for federal contractors. The CCR registration for The University Corporation is administered by the Chief Financial Officer.
No Sales or Use Tax Exemption in California

The State of California does NOT exempt non-profits from sales and use tax, therefore TUC is subject to paying sales tax and assessing use tax on purchases. 


4. About CSU Auxiliaries

4.1 Oversight

CSU auxiliary organizations are required by statute to be self-supporting - governed by the Chancellor's Office Executive Order 753. All auxiliaries must be examined by external auditors as well as the Trustee's Internal Auditor; Contract & Grant activities are subject to annual A-133 audits and periodic sponsor audits. System policy issues are delegated by the Chancellor to the Executive Vice Chancellor/CFO. Campus Presidents are directly responsible by State statute for ensuring expenditures are in accordance with Trustee policies.

4.2 Good Standing

Auxiliary Organizations maintain their "Good Standing" status by working cooperatively with the campus and Chancellor's Office - "Good Standing status can be withdrawn by the Chancellor for failure to comply with campus and system wide policies, exercise good fiscal and social responsibility, follow good business practices and comply with applicable statutes.

4.3 Governing Boards

Auxiliary Board must have voting members form the Administration or Staff, Faculty, Community, Students and the President's representative. Governing Board meetings are governed by the Seymour Act.

4.4 Auxiliary Organizations Association (AoA)

The Executive Committee of the Auxiliary Organization Association (AoA) includes representatives from various campus auxiliaries and the Chairs of subject-matter committees. AoA holds an annual conference each January.

4.5 Fiduciary Responsibilities

The debt of auxiliary organizations must adhere to the Executive Order 994 of the Chancellor's Office.