TUC Sponsored Programs

Personnel - Payroll Salaried Staff


Type of Expenditure:

Salary Payments to Project Staff

Applies To:

Salaried non-faculty employees of The University Corporation working on a Sponsored Project


Employee must have an appointment with The University Corporation

Responsible to Initiate:

Principal Investigator


For payments up to six month

Request Form:

Salary Payment Authorizations + Attendance Report

Required Signatures:

Principal Investigator (or authorized signer)


For one pay period
For several pay periods up to a maximum of six months

Time of Submission:

Anytime during the project and up to 60 days after the end of the project.

Submission Deadline:

10 a.m. on the 1st business day after the end of the respective pay period

Submit To:

The University Corporation - Payroll Department


Semi-Monthly (15th and last day of the month)


A complete and correct appointment with The University Corporation must be presented to the TUC-Payroll Department before any payments can be made. The Principal Investigator must ensure that for all employees to be paid, a TUC-appointment has been processed by TUC Human Resources. Please visit TUC Human Resources website for more information.

Required Documentation

The form 'Salary Payment Authorization' is used to request salary payments. Additionally, for non professionals (staff employees) there must be an attendance report submitted each period indicating dates and hours worked or absent. The Principal Investigator or his designated authorized signer must sign both the salary authorization and attendance report. The authorization can either be submitted for one or several pay-periods, up to a maximum of 12 pay-periods.

Coding of the Accounting String

The Salary Payment Authorization must be coded with an 'Accounting String' to ensure the proper allocation of the expenses to the correct project and the correct account.

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