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NIH Awards CSUN Professor $1.46M to Support Cancer Research

CSUN Weekly _ Kelber

CSUN biology professor Cindy Malone

CSUN Receives $2.77 Million to Build ‘Bridges’ to Regenerative Medicine

CSUN Today _ Malone


Professor Bob Carpenter is Among a Team of 20 International Researchers Taking NASA on a Voyage to the Depths of the Ocean


CSUN Today _ Carpenter

Wheeler North Award Recipient Larry Allen


Professor Larry Allen, Chair of Biology, receives the 2016 Wheeler North Award from the California Academy of Sciences



Dr. Mackelprang

Prof receives $1.3 million NASA grant to study possible link to ET life

CSUN Magazine (Mackelprang) 

 Rat Race

Rat Race: The neurological effects of exercise in rats with ataxia

CSUN Magazine (Cohen) 
 Cancer research

Biology prof paves 
way for future breast cancer treatments

 CSUN Magazine (Kelber)


Publication Log - a growing list of writings by faculty and students

Full-Time Faculty

Larry Allen: CR5101/MG4112; 818-677-4037;

Lisa Banner: CR5417/5411; 818-677-7655;

Chhandak Basu: CS3218A; 818-677-4592;

David Bermudes: MG4216; 818-677-6062;

Robert Carpenter: MG4110; 818-677-3256;

Randy Cohen: CR5416; 818-677-2352;

Cheryl Courtney-Hogue: CR5315; 818-677-3349;

Maria Elena deBellard: CS3216B; 818-677-6470;

Steve Dudgeon: MG4105; 818-677-7322;

Peter Edmunds: MG4113B; 818-677-2502;

Robert Espinoza: CR5319; 818-677-4980;

Gilberto E. Flores: EH2208A; 818-677-4276;

David Gray: CR5327; 818-677-7653;

Yoshie Hanzawa: CR5217/5207;

Fritz Hertel: CR5321; 818-677-3353;

Ray Hong: CS3211; 818-677-3347;

Tim Karels: CR5320; 818-677-2990;

Jonathan Kelber: CR5220; 818-677-4481;

Mariano Loza Coll: CR5421; 818-677-4411;

Rachel Mackelprang: EH2207; 818-677-4589;

Cindy Malone: CR5423; 818-677-6145;

Rheem Medh: CR5422; 818-677-3338;

Sean Murray: EH2205D; 818-677-2950;

Kerry Nickols: MG4200; 818-677-6147;; website

Jeanne Robertson: CR5318; 818-677-4408;

Crystal Rogers: CR5419; 818-677-6219;

Cristian Ruiz Rueda: CR5205; 818-677-6217;

Paula Schiffman: CR5314; 818-677-3350;

Mark Steele: MG4100; 818-677-4270;

Nyssa Silbiger: MG4109A/4109; 818-677-4427;   

Mary-Pat Stein: CS3220A; 818-677-5603;

Michael Summers: EH2200; 818-677-7146;

Melissa Takahashi: EH2226D; 818-677-4483;

Casey terHorst: CR5316; 818-677-3352;

Cheryl Van Buskirk: CS3216A; 818-677-4591;

Virginia Vandergon: CR5418; 818-677-6362;

Paul Wilson: CR5317; 818-677-2937;

Jeremy Yoder: CR5313; 818-677-2158;   @JBYoder

Maria Elena Zavala: CS3207; 818-677-3342;



Maurie Beck: CR5218 ;  818-677-4674;

Ali Ebneshahidi: CR5218; 818-677-6553;

Desiree Goetting: CR5218; 818-677-2670;

Michael Franklin: MG4112D; 818-677-7145;

Loni Hands: CR5219; 818-677-2971; 

Cynthia Hitchcock: CR5319; 818-677-4980;

James Hogue: CR5334; 818-677-3310;

Dana Harmon: CR5219; 818-677-4482;

Cynthia Kay-Nishiyama: CR5219; 818-677-4339;

Carson Keller: CR5329; 818-677-5035;

Karen Koch: CR5420; 818-677-4335;

Ernest Kwok: CR5434; 818-677-3383;

Janet Kubler:

Paul Lonquich: CR5219; 818-677-2616;

Daniel Odom: CR5210; 818-677-5375;

Cody Russell: CR5218; 818-677-6218;

Georgios Tsounis: MG4113B; 818-677-5314;

Edward Zambrano: JD1573; 818-677-4606;



Michael Abernathy, Instructional Support Assistant – Wet Lab MG4112; 818-677-4037;

Danielle Amoroso, Instructional Support Technician – Freshman Labs CR5233; 818-677-4416;

Sarah Cohen, Administrative Support Assistant CR5101; 818-677-3356;

Ann Dorsey, Instructional Support Technician – Botanic Garden and Greenhouse Greenhouse; 818-677-3496;

Wendy Dunbarr, Instructional Support Technician – Stockroom CR5108; 818-677-2056;             

Vickie Everhart, Administrative Support Coordinator CR5101; 818-677-3356; 818-677-2034;

Manuel Fernandez, Instructional Support Technician – Microbiology Preparation Lab MG4205; 818-677-2891;

Linda Gharakhanian, Administrative Analyst/Specialist CR5101; 818-677-3356;

Rachel Giacopuzzi-Brown, Administrative Analyst – Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) EH2310; 818-677-4981;

Mark Harris, Instructional Support Technician – Freshman Labs CR5233; 818-677-4416;

Cherie Hawthorne, Administrative Support Coordinator CR5101; 818-677-3356;

James Hogue, Instructional Support Technician – Herbarium/Vertebrate Collection CR5334; 818-677-2861;

Brenda Kanno, Instructional Support Technician – Botanic Garden and Greenhouse Greenhouse; 818-677-3496;

William Krohmer, Administrative Analyst/Specialist II – Manager of Technical Services & Safety CR5412; 818-677-4426;

Karen Moore, Instructional Support Technician – Freshman Lab CR5233; 818-677-4416;

Audrey Morehead, Instructional Support Assistant – Microbiology Preparation Lab MG4205; 818-677-2891;

Elizabeth Perez, Stockroom Assistant – Stockroom, CR5108; 818-677-2056;

Terri Richardson M.D., Pre-Health Advisor, 818/677-7305, CR 5104;

Toni Uhlendorf, Instructional Support Technician – Vivarium Supervisor CR5113; 818-677-3992;


Emerita and Emeritus Faculty

Nancy Bishop

Linda Caren

Mary Corcoran

Jim Dole (still on campus as an academic advisor):

George Fisler

Warren Furumoto

Anthony Gaudin

Kenneth C. Jones: 818-458-7523

Daisy Kuhn

Jennifer Matos

Joyce Maxwell:

Joseph Moore:

Steven Oppenheimer: CR5433; 818-677-3336;

Ross Pohlo

Edward Pollock

O. Tacheeni Scott

Phillip Sheeler

Mary Lee Sparling:

Charles Spotts

Charles Weston

Kenneth Wilson: P.O. Box 39512, Los Angeles, CA 90039-0512

Deceased Faculty

Peter Bellinger, Larry Baresi, Kevin Daly, William A. Emboden, Jr., John Kontogiannis, Liyun Liu, Aïda Metzenberg, Stan Metzenberg, Richard Potter, Richard Swade, Paul Tomasek