Graffiti Abatement

Together Against Graffiti (T.A.G.)

Report Graffiti Online!

Graffiti, it’s everywhere. On freeway bridges, bus stops and now even on campus. Enough is enough. The CSUN police department has launched a graffiti abatement program to decrease the amount of graffiti on campus. Our tag phrase for the program is TAG You’re It: TAG stands for Together Against Graffiti because the goal of the campaign is to encourage people to report these crimes when they see it or hear of it.

"Bathroom Art" is Vandalism

“Traditionally” we think of graffiti as a crime adopted by high school students. But there is a new genre of graffiti that is popular among individuals and tagging crews, it’s called “bathroom art.” For more about bathroom art, please this Sundial story. (Source: CSUN Sundial, 2009)

Help Keep CSUN Clean— Report Graffiti!

To report graffiti vandalism, please call CSUN police — 818-677-2111.
If you would like to remain anonymous, there is a “We-TIP” hotline number — 818-677-TIPS which is a voicemail that is checked regularly by detectives.


If you SEE IT-SNAP IT-REPORT IT! If you see vandalism on campus, you can snap a picture of it with your smart phone, report it online and upload the picture to help officers locate and remove the damage! Report crime online here.