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Join the Department of Police Services in Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

During April, the Department of Police Services, in partnership with the Family Focus Resource & Empowerment Center, will recognize and celebrate the unique talents, strengths, and contributions of individuals on the autism spectrum.

We ask for your support to increase the understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of people with autism by joining our fundraising effort. Through April, the Department of Police Services will be selling its Autism Awareness patch for $10.00, with all proceeds collected donated to an agency serving individuals with autism. To purchase a patch, please stop by the Department of Police Services in person or contact Catarino (Tony) Arias, Director of DEI and Community Outreach, at (818) 677-6215 or  

Autism is not a limitation; it's a different way of experiencing the world. Each individual brings their perspective, creativity, and potential to our communities.


The CSUN Department of Police Services (DPS) is aware of recent statements made calling for action as it relates to the conflict in the Middle East.

As always, the safety of our students, faculty and staff are our primary concern. In response to this situation, we have increased our patrol checks and visibility in sensitive areas in and around the campus. We have proactively reached out to our Jewish, Israeli, and Palestinian student groups and have worked collaboratively with campus administrators in Faculty Affairs, Student Affairs and Administration & Finance to ensure we are connecting with the campus community as a whole.

Additionally, we have been and remain in constant communication with our law enforcement partners, including the Los Angeles Police Department, FBI and Homeland Security. At this time, we have not received any information of specific or credible threats to the campus. Be assured, however, if anything should change, DPS will be sure to advise our campus community.

We understand that times such as these are troubling and traumatic to our campus population. To our students, we encourage you to reach out to our University Counseling Services as needed for your mental health and emotional well-being. To our employees, the Employee Assistance Program is available to support you.

Please remember, “If you see something, say something” by contacting CSUN Police Services at our main line 818 677-2111. For emergencies, always dial 911.

The Department of Police Services is here and ready to serve you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alfredo B. Fernandez
Chief of Police
CSUN Department of Police Services

We Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the CSUN Department of Police Services is honored to show its support for this very important cause. This month, many of our officers are wearing these pink patches to raise awareness of breast cancer and early detection. If you get the chance, take a moment and talk to one of our officers about their “pink patch.”

Did you know that according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation:
•  1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
•  In 2023, an estimated 43,700 women will die from breast cancer.
•  Although rare men, get breast cancer too. In 2023, an estimated 2,800 men will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.
•  Breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death among women overall and the leading cause of cancer death among Latinx women.
•  Black women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women.
What should you do to reduce your risks?
•  Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month.
•  Get your mammogram based on your risk factors (age, family history, etc.)

If you would like to join us in supporting breast cancer awareness, you may purchase a pink patch at CSUN Police Services during business hours for $10. Proceeds will benefit breast cancer research and awareness. 


You Asked, We Listened! DPS Launches a New Transparency Dashboard!

The Department of Police Services has launched a new Transparency Dashboard -- one response to our community’s desire for more comprehensive data regarding campus safety. The Department of Police Services is committed to improving transparency, increasing accountability and building trust among our campus, community and neighbors. This is a work in progress, centralizing our existing reports, logs, tables and other data. From this starting place, we are working to build and share data visualizations that are both digestible and interactive. Data will be updated quarterly.

Read the Chief of Police's Full Acknowledgement Statement.

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