About Us

The Department of Police Services is a full-service, accredited law enforcement agency that provides police and emergency services to the university community and is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week. The department is located at the corner of Darby and Prairie Streets, just west of the B3 parking structure.

We are proud to be “one of the most outstanding departments in the country,” as stated by Tom Younce, Accreditation Assessment Team Leader and Chief of Police at North Carolina State University Police Department. We strive to be innovative and proactive in our approach to law enforcement and public safety services and to serve our constituencies with excellence in all that we do. We seek to maintain an organizational culture that is diverse, well trained, well equipped and capable of responding to today’s ever changing environment. The men and women of the California State University, Northridge Police Department are dedicated to excellent police service through partnerships that reduce crime, create a safe environment, build trust and enhance the quality of life in our academic community. We are committed to delivering quality service to our community in an effective, responsive and professional manner.

University police officers are sworn law enforcement officers whose police authority on state university property extends throughout the state, including concurrent jurisdiction with the Los Angeles Police Department on the adjacent streets and community. They are vested with the same peace officer powers of arrest and responsibilities as other police officers within the State of California. All state laws, codes and regulations are enforced.

Our police officers are highly trained personnel and participate in ongoing training to meet state and federal requirements as well as to meet the needs of the department and university.  Over the last several years, each police officer has averaged about 220 hours of training per year. As a POST agency, we follow all training requirements outlined by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

The Department prepares and submits a monthly Uniform Crime Report to the Cali¬fornia Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Department also enters reported stolen vehicles and property with serial numbers into the National Crime Information Center computer, allowing for recovery throughout the United States. An annual crime statistics report is also published in compliance with the Federal Clery Act Law.

Meet the Command Staff

The Department of Police Services consists of three main components or divisions:

Police Services Administration and Administrative Services: This division includes the police services administration office which includes the Chief of Police, Special Assistant to the Chief of Police and Community Relations Officer, the Financial Analyst, the Emergency Preparedness Specialist and the administrative support assistant for the administration office. The Administrative Services portion of this division includes the Records Unit, Crime Prevention and Community Relations and Payroll and Procurement.

Police Operations: This division includes all aspects of uniformed police patrol Motor including day and night watch patrol units, K-9 unit, Motors, the Housing Community Policing Unit, Investigations Unit, Dispatch Unit, Professional Standards and Training and Accreditation Program. This division also has oversight for IT and Network services for the department and the Matador Patrol program.

Parking and Transportation Services: This division includes all aspects of the campus parking and transportation operation including parking enforcement, administrative office support, Special Events, Information Booth operations, the Transportation Program, Lost and Found, Shuttle Services, Parking Tech Services, Reception, and Livescan Fingerprinting and Notary Services.