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    Housing Community Policing Team

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Specialized Units

Community Policing Team
Threat Assessment Unit
Investigations Unit
K9 Unit
Traffic Safety Unit


The Community Policing Team was first formed in 2004 as a response to the increase in crime in the on-campus housing community. The mission of the team is to deliver police services that include crime prevention, problem-solving and partnerships with the housing community, while enhancing the safety of all students and staff. Since its inception, crime rates have dropped steadily and the two-officer team has had a positive impact on the residents and housing administration. Additionally, we have been able to increase response time to calls for service within the housing environment. The community policing team is on duty Wednesday through Saturday from 4p.m. to 2a.m. Additional resource information for Housing residents and staff can be obtained here.

The Threat Assessment Unit is charged with evaluating all reported incidents of workplace violence, domestic violence or fear of violence, conducting extensive investigations into incidents and taking appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate hazards to personal safety and/or property damage. This unit coordinates with the Student Behavioral Intervention Team (student concerns); manages legal and operational issues (i.e. restraining orders, criminal complaints, parking permit changes, etc.); coordinates with the department’s crime prevention unit for security surveys, personal safety education and with the patrol operations division for directed police patrols and special alerts as appropriate and supports university managers and supervisor in dealing with concerns.

Investigations Unit
The Department of Police Services has two full-time detectives who follow up on crime reports and are responsible for preparing cases for filing with the Los Angeles District Attorney or Los Angeles City Attorney’s offices, apprehending suspects, recovering property, and making crime prevention recommendations.  The unit is comprised of two areas: Major Crimes Unit and Special/Sensitive Crimes Unit.  The Major Crimes Unit is coordinated by a Detective Sergeant who is the lead investigator for robbery, arson, weapons violations, officer involved shootings, crimes against persons, computer crimes, identity theft, forgery, fraud, property crimes and traffic collisions and traffic related crimes.  

Another Detective Sergeant coordinates of the Special/Sensitive Crime Unit and is the lead investigator for rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, hate crimes, juvenile crimes, missing persons and runaways.  The Sergeant is also the primary custodian for property and evidence and is a member of the department's threat management unit.

Sexual Offender Registration (290 Registration)
Penal Code 290.01 was expanded and requires sexual offenders to register with the University Police. Convicted sexual offenders are required to register under Section 290 if they are residing on the university campus; enrolled as a student of the university; employed by the university, either full-time or part-time (includes paid employees or volunteers); or working or carrying on a vocation at the university (e.g. contractors) for more than 14 days or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year (including paid workers as well as volunteers).
Persons listed above must register with the University Police within five working days of commencing enrollment or employment with the University. Registrants are also required to notify the university police within five working days of ceasing to be enrolled or employed, or ceasing to carry on a vocation at the University. Those who are required to register per 290 of the California Penal Code must make an appointment with Sgt. Dana Archer by calling (818) 677-3826.

Public information regarding sex offenders in California may be obtained by viewing the California Department of Justice On-Line Megan's Law.

K-9 Unit 
The CSUN Police K9 unit is comprised of two officers and two K9’s, trained in explosives detection and narcotics detection.  This unit has specially outfitted vehicles conducive to providing transportation for K9’s during patrol. To learn more about the K9 Unit, visit their webpage.

Traffic Safety Unit
The Motor Unit is comprised of three motor officers who patrol the campus and whose priority is traffic safety and traffic enforcement. Motor officers go through a 160 hour training program and hold the assignment indefinitely. They are specially trained to use LIDAR/RADAR for speed enforcement for the safety of drivers and pedestrians on and around campus. Harley Davidson Road Kings, the preferred motorcycle of the CSUN police department, are specially outfitted with all standard police equipment and sirens.

If you observe an unsafe condition such as speeding, traffic hazards, poor lighting conditions, or other issues related to the parking lots and campus roadways, please contact us immediately.

Educational Campaigns:

The Department of Police Services has initiated educational campaign efforts to contribute to a safer campus community. These efforts include:

Project PED (Pedestrian Safety, Enforcement and Deterrence) – This campaign was created to address pedestrian and motorist safety. This is a concentrated effort to educate the community on reducing the risk of injury to pedestrians and motorists on the CSUN campus. Pedestrian versus auto collisions are high risk on the streets surrounding the campus due to the high concentration of people and vehicles. These conditions mandate safe driving practices and cautious pedestrian procedures. To help us in our efforts to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety, we ask every CSUN community member:
• Obey all speed limits and stop signs on roadways, in parking lots and structures
• Do not use a cell phone while driving or crossing the street—distractions cause accidents!
• Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians
• Use designated cross walks
All laws concerning pedestrians and motorists are enforced by university police officers. Citations may be issued at any time.

Hang it Up! – This campaign was created in preparation of the new law (effective July 1, 2009) prohibiting the use of a handheld device while driving. This effort was to raise the level of awareness of new cell phone laws as well as curtail the use of cell phones while driving in order to decrease distraction (mental and physical) and reduce the risk of vehicular accidents, injury to drivers and pedestrians and traffic violations. Although the use of a hand held device may not completely eliminate distraction, it can improve reaction time in an emergency. All laws concerning motorists and the use of a cell phone while driving are enforced by university police officers. Citations may be issued at any time.