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What is the S.T.O.P. Program & How Does it Protect Equipment?

Incidents of computer theft, particularly laptops, are frequent on college campuses. Such activity has created a need for a more targeted approach to computer security on campus. In 2006, the Department of Police Services introduced a theft deterrent and recovery program (S.T.O.P - Security Tracking of Office Property) for computer equipment and other electronic valuables such as cameras, PDA's (personal desktop assistants), projectors, iPods, etc. If the item has a serial number and a flat surface large enough for the STOP plate, we can protect it.

STOP Security Plate

The S.T.O.P (Security Tracking of Office Property) program incorporates a security plate and warning label, which are applied to the equipment being 

protected. This highly visible warning label and security plate (registered with S.T.O.P headquarters) warns would-be thieves by clearly marking the property ("Warning Police Identifiable")—making it difficult to resell the item. If the security plate is tampered with, a chemically bonded "tattoo" stating "Stolen Property, Call 800-488-STOP" will be left behind on the surface of the property underneath the S.T.O.P security plate.

Professional thieves are not interested in the laptop or notebook itself, only its resale value on the open market. S.T.O.P's security system reduces the street value to zero. Someone who finds the device in a classroom or the library and who might consider keeping it on "permanent loan" is motivated to return it. S.T.O.P's anti-theft system also effectively protects a host of personal/office property.

Who Can Register with CSUN PD?STOP Security Plate

The S.T.O.P plates are available to students, staff, faculty and the community for both personal and state-owned property. CSUN departments and colleges may arrange for a S.T.O.P appointment to their respective office/building to register multiple pieces of property with the STOP Program. See below for information on how to set up your appointment. We currently offer the standard S.T.O.P security plate (2.5 x 2 1/8) and the S.T.O.P plate for smaller gear (2 x 3/4) for $10.00 per item. For general S.T.O.P security plate purchases, please call: (818) 677-2266.




How To Register Register Your Property:

For personal items 
STOP Program E-form – Now you can make an appointment, fill out the form and print it! To get started on your STOP form click here to open the formOnce you've completed the form bring it with you along with, the item to be plated, $10/item (cash only) and picture ID to the Department of Police Services, corner of Darby Ave & Prairie Street (Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm). 

For state-owned items

Departments will need to submit a chargeback requisition in Peoplesoft prior to having the STOP plate installed on property. Please issue a chargeback requisition to service provider ‘DPS’ at a rate of $10.00 per plate.

NOTES FOR CHARGEBACK REQUESTS: In the "Event Name" field, please include "Stop Plate Request". In the "Start/End Shift" should be the date you would like the STOP plate affixed. In the "More Information" field, please include the number of plates you are requesting and the location of the equipment, if it is different than your office location.

Departmental representatives can call to request a member of the Police Department to visit your department so that your property (either personal property or state property ) may be tagged.  Please call (818) 677-2266.

NOTE: At least one business day is required for requests. For single items requests of small devices, we ask that you bring the item to the department once your appointment has been confirmed. 

During your department visit, we will need to know:

  1. What department the items are issued to
  2. The department location (building/room number)/extension
  3. Where the items will be kept (building/office number)
  4. Who the item will issued to (if not loaned equipment)
  5. The items make/model and serial number