Police Operations

The Police Operations Division of the California State University, Northridge Department of Police Services is divided into four primary functions that include the: Patrol Unit (read more below), Police Services Communications/Dispatch Unit, Investigations Unit, and Community Policing Team. Read more about the specialized units which includes the K9 Unit.police traffic stop

The Patrol Unit is at the core of the University Police Department when executing the fundamental community-policing values and philosophies expected of its 28 sworn officers. Providing a multi-dimensional and directed patrol approach to the law enforcement services they provide ensures a consistent proactive approach in meeting the community's expectations of excellent public service. The division functions primarily utilizing four, 12-hour shifts, providing continuous patrol of the University and surrounding community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Uniformed police utilized proactive multi-dimensional patrol techniques through the use of police cars, motorcycles, T3 electric vehicles, bicycles, and foot patrols. Directed patrol plans are integrated into this approach by shift supervisors on a  daily basis, using crime analysis and other data to impact problem areas on the around campus.

Police Operations Statistics

During 2015, uniformed officers within the patrol division were involved in over 20,000 incidents that were either self-initiated or in response to radio calls.

20,665 total incidents handled
12,642 of those incidents were self-initiated to include:

  • 1,275 involved traffic stops
  •    368 involved suspicious circumstances, vehicle and pedestrian checks
  4,474 (a 98% increase from the previous year) reporting case numbers were pulled by officers of which included one or more of the following:
  • 138 crime/arrest reports
  • 114 felony crime reports
  • 705 misdemeanor crime reports
  •   71 vehicle impound/storage reports
  • 302 injury/illness reports
  • 677 non-criminal offense/critical incident reports
  •   19 lost/found property reports
  •   38 criminal & non-criminal traffic collision investigation reports