DMV Employer Pull Notice Program

Program Coordinator: Stephanie Gutierrez, Department of Police Services

Please Note: Electric Cart Training & Defensive Driver Training is administered by Environmental Health & Safety (818) 677-2401.

In order to comply with the CSU requirement to verify the California driving records of all State employees
authorized to drive on State business, California State University Northridge has implemented the Department
of Motor Vehicles' Employer Pull Notice Program (EPN). This program promotes driver safety by monitoring
the driving records of its employees who are required to drive a state vehicle, electric cart or their personal
vehicle on State business. The program is administered by the Department of Police Services under the
direction of the Chief of Police.

Enrollment Form/Application to Operate State Vehicle & DMV Record Release

Who is responsible for the program within each department on campus?

In order to facilitate the process campus-wide, each department/division/college designates an individual who
will work with the DMV Pull Notice coordinator to organize and assist with the enrollment of their respective
employees. This individual is responsible for notifying the DMV Pull Notice coordinator of any new employees
required to enroll or when enrolled employees separate from the university.

Who is required to enroll in the program?

It is a requirement that all CSUN employees authorized to drive on state business using a state vehicle
(including electric/gas carts) be enrolled in the program. The University's Vehicle Usage Policy requires that
employees who operate a University vehicle must have a valid California Driver License and a Defensive Driver
Certificate. "Employee" is defined as CSU faculty, staff, student assistant or work-study student who is in a
state-funded, auxiliary, or enterprise-funded active pay status at the time they are driving a University vehicle.
A person working on a volunteer basis (Job Class Code 0050), which includes adjunct faculty, is considered to
be an employee for the purpose of this policy (as per Office of the Chancellor publication Use of University and
Private Vehicles Policies and Regulations, March 2002).

How is information about my driving record retrieved?

Driving records are sent to the coordinator by the DMV when an employee is initially enrolled in the program
and on an annual basis from the date of enrollment. Records are subsequently sent to the coordinator when
there is negative driving activity. For example, upon enrollment into the program, a driving record will be
forwarded to the coordinator. If there is a ticket issued to the driver, for a seatbelt violation, for example, then
another record is sent.