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Important Note on City of Los Angeles Parking Occupancy Tax

Beginning July 1, 2023, CSUN will be required by the city of Los Angeles to collect a 10% parking occupancy tax on all campus parking fees. This tax applies to all daily, hourly, monthly, and semester permits. For example, the total cost of student semester permits will increase by $22.62 due to the addition of the tax. Resident parking permits for on-campus housing are exempt from this tax.  The new tax is the result of a California Supreme Court decision that concluded that charter cities could require state colleges and universities to impose the tax. CSUN does not keep any revenue generated from the tax; it is collected by the University and remitted to the city. 

CSUN has transitioned to a “virtual parking permit campus” using the license plate number of the vehicle in place of a physical parking decal.  All CSUN Parking Permits are all now virtual parking permits. (No physical decal will be issued).  

The License plate recognition software mounted on the parking vehicles will read plates and see if a valid CSUN parking permit is associated to the vehicle parked on campus. Please make sure that you have a current license plate number attached to your parking permit at all times. 

How do I look up my permit and update my license plate number? 

  1. Go to 
  2. Log-on to your CSUN MYNORTHRIDGE PORTAL  
  3. Click on “Purchase a Parking Permit” under Parking and Transportation  
  4. Click on “View your Permits” under PERMITS 
  5. Click on the permit number you want to add a new license plate number too. 
  6. Click on “Add Vehicles to Permit” 
  7. Click on “Add a New Vehicle  
  8. Fill in plate number information  
  9. Click “NEXT” 
  10. Select the new plate you just entered 
  11. Click on “Add Selected Vehicle” 

You may add up to (5) vehicles to a parking permit.  Please note: only (1) vehicle listed under a permit can be on campus per day.  Any second vehicle detected on the same day will be cited. Please reach out to our office by phone, in-person, or through email at for guidance on adding additional vehicles to a CSUN parking permit. 

 ** Valid Parking Permit Required at All Times ** 

Important Information About the Upcoming Fall 2023 Semester 

Student: Parking permits can be obtained through your CSUN portal. Reach out to the Parking Office for any assistance.

Employees: Parking permits can be obtained through your CSUN portal or by visiting the Parking Services Office. To enroll in automatic payroll deduction, please visit the Parking Services Office during regular business hours.

Daily parking permits for $10.45 are also available for purchase. Day permits can be purchased at Information Booth 1 (Lindley and Nordhoff), Information Booth 2 (Prairie and Darby), Information Booth #3 (Zelzah and Prairie).  You may also purchase a day permit at dispensers in all parking structures and in all student lots.

Rides to and from the Metrolink Northridge station are available. Click here for shuttle schedule. Please contact the Parking Services Office for more details by calling 818-677-2157 or by emailing

The NEW 1500+ space G6 Parking Structure is open and operational. Access to the structure is designed to ease congestion and improve traffic flow on the east side of campus.

Parking and Transportation Services is committed to serving the CSUN community - every dollar of parking permit revenue goes directly toward the operation, maintenance, upkeep and expansion of parking and transportation programs and facilities. We encourage CSUN employees to visit the Transportation Program Website to learn about the various commuter programs (transit subsidies for Metro bus, Metrolink train, and AVTA Commuter Express bus) that may be viable options.