Parking and Transportation

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Parking and Transportation Services

Construction Traffic Warning

From March 18, 2018 through March 24, 2018, the southbound lane of Lindley Avenue from Plummer Street to Vincennes Street will be reconfigured as CSUN Physical Plant Management (PPM) repairs a hot water line.  There will be signage to guide traffic through the area.  Click here for traffic map.

For any questions, please contact Michael Yu, Manager of Parking & Transportation Services.  

Traffic Advisory

Please be advised traffic on campus roads and parking lots can be heavily impacted for the first several weeks of the semester. Parking lots nearest the core of the campus will fill as early as 8AM Monday thru Thursday. Detour routes may occur after 10AM. Faculty and Staff will be allowed through road closures to access the nearest available Employee parking spaces. In preparation for potential traffic delays we recommend you plan for an additional 45 minutes to your daily commute. When you arrive on campus, we also recommend you follow the direction of LED sign boards and traffic direction officers to find the nearest available parking space. Please click here for a detailed traffic map

 Pay by Phone Parking Now Available

You are now able to pay for daily and hourly parking from any web-enabled device.
1. Open the CSUN App > Purchase Parking > Short Term Parking
2. Complete the one-time registration process
3. When prompted, enter location #, which is 2786 (“C-S-U-N” on your phone dial)
4. Your license plate will serve as your virtual parking permit
5. Receive text message notifications when your parking permit is about to expire
6. Extend your parking permit session from your web-enabled device, if needed

100+ More Parking Spaces Now Available in Surface Lot B5

Parking and Transportation, in partnership with Facilities Planning, is pleased to announce 100+ more parking spaces in surface Lot B5. Together the team repurposed the unused dirt area to expand the existing parking lot.

Parking Guidance System (Car Counting)

Finding an open parking space on campus can be a challenge. At CSUN you will soon be able have real-time information letting you know exactly how many open parking spaces exist in the B3, B5, and G3 parking structures. These open space counts will be displayed through a smart phone app, and on physical signs posted on the perimeter of the campus. You will be able to drive directly to open parking spaces and reduce the carbon emissions that are produced by driving around in search of parking. The smart phone app will be designed with driver safety in mind and may not allow use while your vehicle is in motion.

Planning for the new G6 Parking Structure (Zelzah & Plummer)

The G6 Parking Structure is scheduled to begin construction in the Fall 2018 semester. This structure will be designed to provide approximately 1500 additional parking spaces to the campus’ existing parking inventory.  It will be located on the east side of campus at the intersection of Zelzah Ave. and Plummer St.  Some important features that it will have include an entrance/exit that is aligned with the Zelzah/Plummer intersection; extended entry/exit queue lanes to mitigate traffic congestion in and out of the structure; additional spaces for EV charging stations; bicycle and scooter storage; dual level energy efficient LED lighting; enhanced storm water treatment; and it will be photovoltaic ready to accommodate future solar arrays.