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Parking and Transportation Services

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits - Now Online!
Beginning August 1st, CSUN Faculty and Staff will be able to purchase parking permits via the campus portal. This feature will enable you to save time and keep track of purchases. Click this link for detailed instructions.

Welcome to the Department of Police Services and the Parking & Transportation Services Home page. The Parking & Transportation Services Division has a dedicated staff available to assist you with your parking needs. Whether you are seeking information on directions to the campus, need a jump start, or need to purchase a parking permit, you can find answers to your questions on the links to this page or by calling our office.

If your need is to discover alternative means of transportation to the campus, please feel free to connect to us via our Transportation page. There you will find options and incentives to decrease our dependence on single occupancy vehicles to our campus.

Please remember that California State University, Northridge requires a valid parking permit be displayed on all vehicles parked on campus on a 24/7 basis.​



 A message from Colin Donahue, Vice President for Administration & Finance:Parking Permit Increase Notification

Dear Colleagues:

Effective Fall 2016, the annual/semester and daily permit parking fees will increase. The fee increases apply to students, employees and campus visitors. Increases for represented employees will be consistent with parking provisions identified in each individual collective bargaining agreement, while increases for non-represented employees will be consistent with student rates. The rate increases have been discussed with bargaining units, the University Planning & Budget Group (UPBG), Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) and Associated Students representatives. Please click here for staff and student rate information. Fall 2016 permits are currently available over-the-counter at Parking Services.

This is the first increase in annual and semester rates since 2009 and is necessary to ensure the financial viability of the parking program in the coming years. As many of you are aware, the parking program receives no state funding - it is fully supported by parking fee revenue. These revenues must be sufficient to cover all annual operations, maintenance and campus transit shuttle services, as well as construction costs and long-term debt for existing and future parking structures, surface lots, access roads and other major improvements. In determining our rate structure going forward, it was imperative to balance affordability and predictability of rates with the need to provide an adequate supply of spaces, improved traffic flow and mass transit options. The relatively modest annual increases included in the plan will enable the parking program to meet its financial requirements, while also providing key near term enhancements, including:

  • A new parking structure providing approximately 1,500 spaces on the east side of campus to accommodate enrollment growth;
  • Technology improvements within existing structures and lots, including electronic signage, a parking app to track space availability and convenient wireless payment options;
  • Important safety and energy efficiency upgrades, including LED lighting, lot refurbishment and additional electrical vehicle charging stations;
  • Improved shuttle service between the F10 lot on the north campus, student housing and the campus core, which we hope will improve participation in the 50% reduced parking permit option for the F10 lot; and
  • Implementation of reduced two- and four-hour day parking rates across the campus. 

CSUN is also actively engaged with our transportation partners to enhance mass transit options for commuters. Based on feedback from CSUN students, employees and the community, Metro has extended bus services to accommodate CSUN's evening class finish times. We are also installing an electronic Next Bus sign and Metro's standalone validating ticket machines at the transit station in summer 2016. In addition, CSUN is participating in a pilot program to improve the efficiency and convenience of Metro's student discount card program.

Parking Services is committed to improving parking conditions and transit options in order to lessen CSUN's impact on the environment and to contribute to an improved quality of life for the campus and our surrounding community. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

We appreciate any feedback you may have. 


Colin Donahue
Vice President for Administration and Finance/CFO