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Commute by Metrolink Train


Please be advised that the CSUN Metrolink Shuttle schedule will be adjusted to accommodate the changes to the Metrolink Train schedule (referenced above).  Due to the campus closure to observe the Cesar Chavez holiday on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, there will be no shuttle service.  Metrolink Shuttle service will be suspended for the month of April, 2020. 

Free Northridge Metrolink Shuttle

There is a Free Shuttle between the CSUN Campus and the Northridge Metrolink Station.  There are no other shuttle services operating between any Metrolink Train Station and the CSUN campus.

Shuttle Stops:

In the morning, the CSUN Metrolink Shuttle will bring passengers to the CSUN Transit Station (located on Vincennes just north of University Hall). In the afternoon, the CSUN Metrolink Shuttle will return to the CSUN Transit Station to pick-up passengers and take them back to the Northridge Metrolink Station.

What Trains are Served by the Free Shuttle?

In the morning, the CSUN Metrolink Shuttle picks up passengers from all trains that are scheduled to arrive at the Northridge Metrolink Station between the hours of 7:00 am and 9:00 am.

This table contains Metrolink Shuttle times.
Train NumberTrain Arrival Time

















 (Note: Train #A768 and A761 are Amtrak trains, but are available to passengers with any type of VALID Metrolink ticket. These trains are not able to accommodate bicycles.)

In the afternoon, the CSUN Metrolink Shuttle operates in a manner designed to take passengers back to meet their afternoon trains. To return to the Northridge Metrolink Station by Shuttle, passengers must board the shuttle at the CSUN Transit Station.

Shuttle departure times are posted below.  

This table contains Metrolink Shuttle departure times. 
Train NumberTrain TimeDeparts from CSUN Transit Station



















A "final sweep" shuttle makes a single run between 5:20 pm and 5:30 pm to pick up passengers needing to get to the 5:57 pm train. 

Passengers needing to ride Train #118 should catch the shuttle departing at 5:15 pm. It is not recommended that they attempt waiting for the "final sweep" shuttle, as its arrival at the station may not be in time for the 5:42 pm scheduled departure of Train #118. 


How can I get back to the Northridge Metrolink Station during the mid-day when the free shuttle is not running? 

Use the Northridge DASH bus to access the train station. The nearest stop for DASH is the southwest corner of Reseda Boulevard at Nordhoff Street. The DASH stops there every 20 minutes on time points that end in "11", "31" and "51" minutes after the hour. The DASH route is not a direct trip from that location, so please allow 25-30 minutes of bus riding time to get to the station ahead of your train.  Information about the Northridge DASH is available from the Northridge DASH website.  

Please note:  The Northridge DASH does operate on Saturdays, however, the Metrolink train does not.