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Parent Day

Greetings, Parents & Family Members -

We understand that you might still have questions about your student's university experience. The Office of Student Development & Transitional Programs is excited to announce a Parent & Family Webinar taking place on Saturday, November 20, 2021 from 10am - 11:30am. During this session you will learn all about what CSUN has done to ensure the safety of your students, our academic support resources, the engagement opportunities available to them, and more! Select the button below to start the Parent & Family webinar registration today!  


Parent and Family Webinar Series Goals

Parent and Family Webinar Series is designed to:

  • To offer an opportunity to ask questions based on real experiences your students are already having, including the many transitional issues that challenge both students and families. 
  • To provide you with the knowledge of resources and services that are being offered in a virtual and/or hybrid format.
  • To assist you with understanding how you can support your student as they head into finals and prepare for the spring semester.

Campus Resources

We have compiled multiple links below for you to gain further knowledge of the resources CSUN has for you and your student. Please feel free to contact any departments you may find on your search as well as the Office of Student Involvement and Development with any question, concerns or comments you may have.

Academic Advisement

Campus Employment

Campus Involvement

Counseling Services

Degree Planning Guides

Department of Police Services

General Education Honors Program

Parents Supporting Academics and Personal Development

Student Health

Student Services and Classes

Student Service Centers and Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) Advisement

University Catalog


How much does this event cost?
This event is free!
What if I need an interpreter?
We will have an interpreter available in such cases. We will also have subtitles on the Zoom webinar.
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes! We gladly welcome the entire family to RSVP for the Webinar Series.
How do I use Zoom?
You can find the link with steps on how to use Zoom here: https://www.csun.edu/it/zoom


Should you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact the Office of Student Development & Transitional Programs at (818) 677-4100 or email us at orientation@csun.edu.

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