Vocal Arts Audition

A professional accompanist will be provided for all auditions. Singers must bring copies of their music for the accompanist. The music can be in hard copies or on a tablet.

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

  • Please have prepared two songs or arias in contrasting classical styles, one should be in a foreign language. Both selections must be memorized. It is always ok to have an additional work or two prepared but we ask that you select your very strongest repertoire for the audition. 

Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Music Industry, Music Therapy and Bachelor of Music in Composition or Commercial Media Writing

  • Please have prepared two songs or arias. At least one work must be a classical composition if you have selected classical voice as your major instrument. Your second selection can be a musical theater piece, folk song, or a second classical piece. Both selections must be memorized.

Master of Music in Vocal Performance

  • Four arias or songs in contrasting styles with at least one operatic aria. Selections must include at least three different languages. It is highly recommended that you choose repertoire from different style periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th/21st century). One selection can come from the musical theatre genre if you wish. All selections must be memorized. 
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