Music Industry

Music Industry Studies 

At CSUN you will have the opportunity to learn the business side of music, including current trends in music publishing, e-commerce, marketing management, and other aspects of the music industry. Located in the heart of the nation's entertainment industry, CSUN is the perfect place for students wanting to immerse themselves in the industry while getting an education that will leave them with a broad understanding of all aspects of the profession.

CSUN is nationally recognized each year as one of the top music industry programs in the country and most recently was ranked as one of Billboard Magazine's "Top Programs in Music Industry Studies." Each year we bring in some of the most well-known artists from the past and present to share important career information with our students.

Our program is an excellent solution for individuals seeking careers in producing, distributing, managing, and promoting music, creative talent, and music industry-related businesses. 

CSUN offers both a BA in Music Industry Studies and an MA in Music Industry Administration. Please click the link on the left to get specific information about each program.

Our current music industry faculty includes professionals who have diverse career experience in the profession and include:

  • Jeffrey Izzo
  • Andrew Surmani
  • Augie Ray
  • Renee Meriste
  • Seven Bailey

Audition Process

All applicants to the MIS Option are required to pass a three-part audition that includes a performance audition (on a musical instrument or voice), and two writing submission with one being written answers to interview questions and the other a submitted paper/essay. Failure to pass any part of the audition might disqualify the applicant from consideration. Simply passing each audition component is not necessarily sufficient for entrance to the MIS Option. 

  • Performance Audition

Applicants are required to demonstrate musical competency and the ability to read traditional music notation (not just chord symbols or the ability to play by ear) on a musical instrument or voice. Most applicants who have seriously studied music performance with a professionally qualified music teacher for a period of time should have little difficulty passing the performance audition. For specific requirements based on your instrument, please visit our prospective students audition link and go to your instrument. 

  • Interview Questions

Applicants will be required to answer a set of interview questions in writing which will allow the Option Coordinator to assess each applicant’s career aspirations, capabilities, character, and ability to network with the professional music community. 

  • Essay

Each applicant shall submit to the Option Coordinator an unedited research essay or term paper (1,500 word minimum) they had previously completed during their junior or senior year of high school (for freshman applicants) or at their previous community college or 4-year institution (for transfer applicants). This essay or paper should demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to write concisely and clearly (using proper grammar, syntax, and spelling), organize and present the paper’s topic logically and coherently, research capabilities (especially their ability to correctly utilize and cite sources), and competently conduct research and cite sources.



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