Concert Bands

The band program at CSUN is dedicated to the promotion of concert band music by performing the finest of literature and bringing this music to the peoples of California. Each year the CSUN Wind Ensemble performs throughout southern California, presenting concerts of the finest of band music at diverse venues — public schools, state historic parks, cultural landmarks, resort destinations, and residential communities. Through generous support provided by the CSUN Associated Students, the Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony embark on unique concert series each year — “Band on the Run” concerts are free outreach performances designed specifically for presentation to the public throughout the greater Los Angeles region; the “Gaudeamus Igitur” concerts are performances designed specifically to bring live music to segments of the CSUN student population (and other Los Angeles college students) who otherwise have limited experiences with band music.

Audition Information

Auditions for the Wind Ensemble & Wind Symphony take place before each semester.
More information about Auditions:

More about Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony 

Students playing flute

Wind Ensemble

The CSUN Wind Ensemble has long been a hallmark of the excellence associated with the university’s renowned music department. With both an accomplished legacy and dedicated future, students entering the ranks of the CSUN Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony find themselves immersed in artistry and musical performance.

Students Playing flute

Wind Symphony

The Wind Symphony exclusively performs literature deemed of the highest quality from the repertory of both traditional and contemporary compositional styles.

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