Communication for Youth

Youth Communications

"This is a good program that really enhances public speaking skills and provides techniques to improve speech delivery and organization. Communication for Youth will also help improve your performance at school as well." 
- Sankirth Vutukuri, 11th Grade, Aspiring Engineer
"Communication for Youth has got me over the fear of public speaking and I learned how to deliver a range of speeches without a problem!" 
- Riley Wolfe, 11th Grade, Aspiring Medical Doctor 

"I participated in this program for eight years and it was the most amazing experience. Communication for Youth helped me get through some of my life's toughest moments and I made friends I will never forget." 
- Amber Pena, CSUN Undergraduate, Chicano Studies Major 

The Communication for Youth program is a community outreach, service-learning course that enables graduate and undergraduate students to offer public speaking training to students in grades 5 through 12. Graduates and undergraduates receive coaching in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Course Development
  • Lesson Planning
  • Effective Teaching Practices
  • Assessing Student Learning
  • Peer Evaluations
  • Instruction is provided through a combination of discussion, lecture, activities, and workshop formats.

Program Highlights

Lifelong Learning: Learn in innovative ways as you engage and network with youth from across Los Angeles County and CSUN’s local community.
Stellar Guidance: 

Support every step of the way. Faculty and graduate students will guide you as you learn and serve the community.
Campus Involvement: Enhance your leadership skills as you connect with the CSUN community and gain PR experience.

Life Changing:

Have a direct influence on our future leaders in practical and long-lasting ways.

The class meets for twelve weeks on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:45 am.

Communication for Youth invites students who have successfully completed COMS 151 (or equivalent) to enroll in COMS 437.
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