Tutoring Program

Tutoring is free for all enrolled CSUN students. Individual and group tutoring is offered. Students need to sign-in during the tutoring session. The tutors help students by answering questions, reviewing materials, explaining concepts, repeating ideas until they are understood and remembered, and finally by modeling good study habits.

All Tutors are hired for their knowledge of specific topics and abilities to effectively communicate. All tutors in COMS are graduate students working on their Master’s degrees. Tutors must have received either an "A" or a "B"in order to tutor courses that they have taken or obtain a written referral from their professor.

Tutoring by appointment

Students are scheduled with tutors for any length of time. In most cases, each student is allowed as many sessions as needed.Sessions are scheduled depending on tutors and students’ availability.

Walk-In Tutoring

Tutors for communication studies subjects, and other topics as needed, are available during schedule walk-in hours. No appointment is necessary. Hours vary each semester. Stop by for more information.

Tutoring Walk-In Services

  • Essay Planning, Organization, Development and Revision
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • English as a Second Language
  • WPE Test Preparation

Hours vary for Tutors: General hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm

Course Number

Course Title

COMS 151/L

Public Speaking

COMS 150

Fundamentals of Communication

COMS 225

Argumentation and Debate

COMS 225

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

COMS 301

Performance, Language and Cultural Studies

COMS 309

Advanced Public Speaking

COMS 321

Rhetorical Discourse

COMS 323

Group Communication

COMS 327

Rhetorical Theory

COMS 351

Communication Theory

COMS 356

Intercultural Communication

COMS 360

Communication and the Sexes

COMS 452

Communication Training and Development

COMS 452



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