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Zoom Webinar-Style Meetings Using a Pro Account


The Webinar format in Zoom is intended for meetings where a Host and Panelists address a group of Attendees, but there are settings you can use in your Pro account to replicate a Webinar-style meeting for groups up to 300 people.

Scheduling a Webinar-style Meeting

Navigate to, select Sign In at the top right corner of the screen, and log in using your CSUN user name and password. Navigate to Settings in the menu on the left side of the screen and select Schedule a New Meeting.

Meeting Dashboard With Arrow Pointing At Schedule A New Meeting Button


In the Topic field, enter a title for your meeting. You may also add a description in the Description field, though this is optional.

Schedule a Meeting page with box around topic and description fields

When and Duration

In the When section, choose a date and a start time. In the Duration drop-down menus, choose how long your meeting will last.

When, Duration and Time Zone fields

NOTE: The When and Duration options are primarily for scheduling. You can start your Webinar any time and the Webinar will not end after the length of time chosen in the Duration field.


By checking the Registration box, participants will be prompted to provide a name and email address before they can join the webinar. This extra step provides an additional layer of security against anonymous participants joining and disrupting the webinar.

Arrow pointing at registration field with checked box labeled Required

Meeting Password

To enhance the security of Zoom sessions, and in anticipation of a global change Zoom is set to make on September 27, we will soon be requiring passwords on all newly-created Zoom meetings. This change will happen prior to the beginning of the Fall semester. Additional information will be available in the future, as we approach these dates.
When you check the Meeting Password box, Zoom generates a numeric password required to join the meeting. Zoom also adds the numeric password to the meeting link, which automatically enters the password when participants select the link. This extra step also provides an additional layer of security by preventing unauthorized participants from joining the meeting using random Meeting IDs. 

Red arrow pointing at Meeting password field


Set Video to Off for Participants. This means their webcams will be automatically deactivated when they enter the meeting.

Video settings with Host set to On and Participants set to Off


Set Audio to Both so that attendees can join using their Computer Audio or by dialing in using a Zoom-generated phone number.

Audio settings with arrow pointing at radio button labeled Both

Meeting Options

You can use the Meeting Options to customize your meeting so that it functions similarly to a webinar.

Join Before Host

Webinars do not permit Participants to join before the Host. Uncheck the box next to Enable join before host to deactivate this feature.

Arrow pointing at Enable Join Before Host with the box unchecked

Mute Participants

Participants in a webinar are automatically muted when joining. Check the box next to Mute participants upon entry to activate this feature.

Arrow pointing at checked box next to Mute participants upon entry

Waiting Room

Webinars in Zoom do not have the waiting room as a feature, but we recommend you still use this feature to monitor participants joining your meeting.

To activate this feature, check the box next to Enable waiting room.

Arrow pointing at checked box next to Enable waiting room

Only Authenticated Users Can Join

The Only authenticated users can join feature requires all participants (Host, Co-Host, and Participants) to create or log into a Zoom account before they can join the meeting. We don’t recommend using this feature because it complicates the process of participants joining the meeting without providing additional security.

Arrow pointing at unchecked box next to Only Authenticated Users Can Join

Alternative Hosts

Enter the email addresses of any Alternative Hosts you would like to add. If the Host has already started the meeting, Alternative Hosts will join as Co-Hosts.

Arrow pointing at Alternative hosts field

Select the Save button to save your meeting.


To further customize your Pro Meeting to replicate a Webinar, navigate to the Settings menu at the top left of the screen.

Web dashboard with red arrow pointing at Settings


The Chat feature in Zoom can be configured to replicate the Q&A in a webinar which allows participants to submit questions to the host, but not chat with other participants. Scroll down to the In Meeting (Basic) settings, turn on the Chat feature, and turn off Private Chat. We also recommend preventing participants from saving the chat by placing a check in the box.

Arrows pointing at chat set to on, private chat set to off, and checked box next to Prevent participants from saving chat

Once you start the meeting, open the Chat window, select the button with three horizontal dots, and set Participant can chat with to Host Only.

Chat window open with red arrow pointing at Host only setting in drop down menu

Screen Sharing

Further down below the chat are the Screen Sharing settings. We recommend turning on Screen Sharing but limiting it to Host Only. This prevents disruptive or offensive content being shared by participants.

NOTE: You may need to coordinate presentation slides with other presenters since only the Host can share their screen.

Screen sharing switch set to on with an arrow pointing at button next to Host Only

For more information on Webinars and Meetings, visit the Zoom Meeting and Webinar comparison page