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Support Remote Learning and Teaching 

In the event of a situation caused by any number of factors, your ability to continue your class in the manner that you’ve planned may be impacted. This guide helps you find alternatives for these situations. Please contact the Faculty Technology Center for help and more information about course related matters at (818) 677-3443 or the Technology Support Center at (818) 677-1500 for business related matters.

*The workshops assume that you are already using CSUN email to communicate regularly and know how to use Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). If you are not comfortable with one or more of the above, here are some resources to help you get prepared:

If the Windows Basics guides do not look like your PC computer, please contact your college tech.

Emergency Toolkit

In preparation, it is recommended that a "toolkit" be created so that when faced with a need, the tools you need to assist with teaching are readily available. Please visit the Keep Teaching - Emergency Toolkit page for a suggested list of items that could be useful during this time. 


Accessibility must always be considered whether on-campus or off. To ensure that accessibility standards are being met, visit Keep Teaching - Accessibility


To continue communication with students and staff, please visit the Keep Teaching - Communication page. 

Do You Need an Internet Connection?

If you do not have access to the Internet from off-campus, please visit Internet Connectivity for Users Who Do Not Have It.  

Resources & Tools 

To assist with instruction, please visit Keep Teaching - Resources & Tools

Software Solutions for Teaching and Interaction

There are many eLearning strategies and tools that you can use to enhance your teaching and learning. Many of these tools are available at no charge. However, it can be difficult to determine what tool is best so we've collected all the tools so you can decide which tool is best for you. To see what's available, visit Software Solutions for Teaching and Interaction

Teaching Through Disruption

Disruptions to our campus can be stressful for everyone involved. As faculty members, we can support our students by finding ways to help them continue to learn under difficult circumstances. For information on how to navigate this challenge, visit the Teaching Through Disruption page. 

Virtual Windows Computer

The Virtual Windows Computer provides students, faculty, and staff access to a variety of software and virtual computers. Users can access these virtual computers while on campus or at home, with an Internet connection from a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android device. For more information, visit the Virtual Windows Computer page. 

Technical Support


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