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Keep Teaching - Emergency Toolkit

In order to be prepared for a disruption to on-campus instruction, consider putting into place this emergency "toolkit" ahead of an actual need. This is a list of suggested items to consider when building your toolkit:

  • Emergency plan for digital delivery of course

  • Computer with Internet access (off-campus)

  • Webcam and microphone

  • Up-to-date computer, operating system and software

  • Zoom installed on your computer (do a test session so you are familiar). Review Zoom tutorials for functions like recording, exporting a recording, and screen sharing.

  • CSUN Credentials (make sure you can access all systems necessary from home with your CSUN user ID and password)

  • Make sure you are enrolled in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication. Many CSUN services require it. 
  • Access to campus systems using VPN (ex. Library resources, college storage)*

  • Ensure that all necessary files are stored in myCSUNBox or Canvas

  • A contact list for students and College Administration

  • Access to essential software or a back-up plan (example: MS Office, Virtual Private Network (VPN), software specific to your course)

  • Communication plan for students. What is your plan for communicating with the students? Visit, What I Can Do Now

*If you have access to level one data you will need to activate DUO (multi-factor authentication) prior to accessing the system off-site.

Keep Teaching - Emergency Toolkit Checklist (.pdf)  


Last Update: 04/25/24 - 10:15 a.m.