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Teaching Through Disruption

Disruptions to our campus can be stressful for everyone involved.

As faculty members, we can support our students by finding ways to help them continue to learn under difficult circumstances. We are in a unique leadership role where we can help our students navigate these challenges by being a focal point of communication and support. At the same time, we will be faced with our own challenges as we have to change our teaching modalities, support students who are affected and take care of ourselves in difficult situations. 

Many of the solutions involve the use of instructional technology, however, adapting to disruption is more than just adding technology to the mix. Supporting teaching and learning during this time includes making choices about using technology, but also prioritizing action and moving ahead with a plan for teaching continuity.


The following pages are intended to help you think through those decisions:

What can I do now? Which describes me best? How do I create a plan?


What Spring & Summer 2020 professional development programs are available to explore online teaching practices? 

  1. Get up to Speed with Online Teaching at CSUN (May 4-22)

  2. Introduction to Online Teaching for Summer: Chancellor’s Office (May 11-24)

  3. Introduction to Teaching Online Using the Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT): Chancellor’s Office (June 8-28; July 6-26)

  4. Learn at Your Own Pace on Canvas:

Join us for one of our live sessions: Remote Teaching Strategies

Teaching remotely is different than in-person teaching and different than designing and facilitating an online course. In this Zoom session, we will share key strategies to help you in your transition to remote teaching. Topics covered include building community, engaging students, running remote class sessions, academic integrity, among others. We will also guide you through where you can find the resources you need and answer questions. Check our Events page for the current schedule of offerings.

Join us in Canvas for Discussion Forums / Chat: Remote Teaching Community

Join us in the Remote Teaching Community Canvas site to interact and share ideas with other CSUN faculty about teaching remotely. Here you will find resources and discussion forums on key topics including, Managing Remote Classrooms, Building Community Online, Keeping Students Engaged, and Promoting Academic Honesty. Supporting this site are our eLearning Ambassadors, faculty members who are enthusiastically interested in sharing their knowledge and experience learning how to effectively merge their pedagogical needs with possible eLearning solutions. 


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