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CSUN Lecture Capture In a Bag & Lighting/Mic Kits

Lecture Capture in a Bag Kits

Due to incredibly high demand for our first offering, IT is providing additional "Lecture Capture in a Bag" kits. These include a high-definition webcam, a high quality microphone, lighting, and a document camera, as well as tools to connect all of these devices to your computer. The document camera is our equivalent of an "infinite whiteboard" and is fully supported in Zoom as a second camera, allowing for easy switching back and forth.

Lighting/Mic Kits

Information Technology is also providing 100 kits of just the light box and microphone. Many applicants for the full kits indicated that they only really needed those items. 

We encourage faculty to consider these kits for both improved synchronous teaching as well as the creation of high quality pre-recorded materials.

Equipment Specifications

Who Qualifies for a Kit?

Kits are available to both full time faculty and lecturers. Please complete the appropriate request form below. Kits will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The more information you put in the “justification” section, the better, in case demand exceeds supply. 

Faculty may keep the kits throughout the current term and, if teaching again after the current term, will have the opportunity to renew. Otherwise, kits should be returned at the end of the semester. We will be tracking who receives kits for inventory purposes.

Please be thoughtful in which kit you request.

  • You will be only able to request a Lecture Capture in a Bag kit OR a Lighting/Mic kit, not both.
  • If you previously received a Lecture Capture in a Bag kit you are not eligible for a second one, or a Lighting/Mic kit.
  • You may request a kit only for yourself, not on behalf of others nor will you be able to “reserve” kits for others. We inventory the kits as per the person assigned to that kit.
  • The only way to request a kit of either kind is via these request forms. Please do not email Information Technology or Academic Technology.

Again, please note that you may choose only one or the other.