Make an Appointment

Intake appointments (new students registering with DRES)

Appointments are required for initial intakes and last approximately one hour. During the initial intake appointment, a counselor will review your documentation, approve accommodations and suggest services you may find helpful. See the "Register for Services" section for more information.

Drop-in appointments (students already registered with DRES)

You may drop in Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:45 p.m., to meet with a DRES counselor for a  maximum of 15 minutes. Students are seen by a counselor on a first-come, first-served basis.

Disability management counseling appointments

If you need more time than the alloted 15 minutes for drop-in appointments, you may schedule an appointment with a counselor for another date. These appointments are for students already registered with DRES who want to avoid waiting or need more than 15 minutes to consult with a counselor.

Requesting accommodations

As a student, you must log in to the Student Access and Accommodation System (SAAS) to request accommodations every academic term for each class in which you’ll be requiring accommodations.

It is crucial that you keep up your accommodation requests in SAAS, so you establish and maintain a clear understanding with your professors about how and when you will use accommodations in their courses. 

Alternative testing accommodations

Course instructors have the right to provide all approved testing accommodations during exams.  In situations when the instructor cannot provide testing accommodations, or prefers that DRES provides them and proctors the exam, the course instructor must log in to SAAS and create an exam profile for the course. Once the exam profile is created, instructors may request exam accommodations. 

Exam scheduling in SAAS

In order to allow DRES enough time to schedule staff, assistive technology, alternate media and testing rooms, exams should be requested in SAAS five business days prior to the exam date. Final exams should be scheduled 10 business days prior to the final exam date.

Key alternative testing information

Alternative testing hours vary by semester and will be updated regularly on the left column of our website under the location and hours section. See the links below for other relevant testing information.

Alternative testing process

CSUN academic calendar (holidays, academic terms and final exam schedule)

DRES final exam schedule

SAAS procedures

Academic coaching appointments

To make an appointment for academic coaching through the Thriving and Achieving Program (TAP), call (818) 677-2684 or email dres@csun.edu.