Career Services

It's never too early to explore careers through internships, part-time jobs and service learning. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we are here to help through our various workshops, programs and counseling sessions.

Designing Your Life Workshop
For students that want to create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful but do not know where to begin, start by participating in the Designing Your Life Workshop. Learn about interests and passions that can lead to creating a life that is purposeful. Sign up for the Designing Your Life workshop by email at dres@csun.edu.

Career Exploration with a Counselor
Career Exploration and early career planning are for students who are beginning to enter the workplace. Meetings include exploring strengths, interests, values, skills and setting career goals. For more information please make an appointment by email at dres@csun.edu.

Career Experience Building
Do you have a certain internship or career in mind but need to develop certain skills before applying? One of our counselors can assist in internship and job preparation, resume and cover letter development, interview preparation, workshops on job-site accommodations and communication skills. For more information contact us at dres@csun.edu.

Disability Employment Accelerator Program
Through the Disability Employment Accelerator (DEA) program, Manage Career Solutions (MCS) helps unemployed recent and soon-to-be college graduates with disabilities to overcome barriers to employment through short-term vocational training (including apprenticeship), supportive services, disability benefits counseling and comprehensive career services. The DEA program is a partnership with the DRES office and provides EDD-funded services and resources at no cost to the participant. The DEA Disability Resource Coordinator provides one-on-one job preparation and guidance for interviews and suggestions on how to request reasonable accommodations with new employers. For more information please contact, Linda Diaz at linda_diaz@mcscareergroup.com.

The Workforce Recruitment Program
The Workforce Recruitment Program is a yearly employment opportunity for college students with disabilities. This program connects current college students and recently graduated college students with federal employers who are seeking people for full-time, part-time, and internship positions. Students who apply, get the opportunity to network, build their resume, practice interviewing, and market their abilities to employers across the United States! Application and Recruitment begins each year in the Fall! For more information contact us by email at dres@csun.edu.

Career services are also available to all California State University, Northridge students through the Career Center in Bayramian Hall 413. You can begin your career exploration online through CareerLink.