Career Services

It's never too early to explore careers through internships, part-time jobs and service learning. We encourage you to discuss your career goals with a Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) counselor, and learn about the WorkAbility IV (WAIV) program located in the DRES office, Bayramian Hall 110. WAIV is a job placement program funded by the California Department of Rehabilitation. WAIV offers a number of career services, including an exploration of your strengths and learning styles to help identify a major and career tailored to you; internship preparation and job assistance; resume and cover letter help; interview preparation; workshops on job-site accommodations and communications skills; career mentoring; and assistance with basic computer skills.

In order to be eligible for WAIV services, you must be a student who is registered with DRES or a student who was registered with DRES and graduated within the last two years. You must also be a client of the California Department of Rehabilition. If you're not a client, you may be referred by a DRES counselor, who will be happy to assist you with the application.

Career services are also available to all California State University, Northridge students through the Career Center in Bayramian Hall 413. You can begin your career exploration online through CareerLink.