Student Employment

General Information

A paraprofessional is a student assistant who is employed at the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) office. Each semester, DRES employs 15 to 20 student assistants and cross-trains them in various areas within the department. The development and experience students receive enhances their growth, success and professionalism as college students preparing for professional careers.

The paraprofessionals are a diverse group of individuals who work together as a team and collectively demonstrate DRES' values with pride and excellence. Paraprofessionals work closely with students who are registered at DRES to help make their college experience a smooth, enjoyable and successful experience.

The team provides support in all areas throughout DRES, including alternative media (converting textbooks and exams into alternative formats, such as electronic files); alternative testing (providing testing accommodations, like readers and writers); and reception desk (completing data-entry tasks and assisting the administrative team).

Why work for DRES?

Being a paraprofessional at DRES is a very rewarding experience that allows students to get involved on campus and help other students while working with a great team of paraprofessionals and professional colleagues. You’ll quickly become familiar with the university campus and available resources, develop new skills and gain invaluable work experience to add to your resume.

How can I become a paraprofessional?

To become a paraprofessional, review the job description and qualifications flyer  If interested, visit DRES during office hours to pick up an application or download the student worker application. The completed application may be submitted via email to dres@csun.edu or faxed to 818-677-4932.

All paraprofessionals are limited to working a maximum of 20 hours a week. Open positions are also advertised on the Career Center website.