Thriving and Achieving Program (TAP)

The Thriving and Achieving Program (TAP) is dedicated to supporting the academic, personal and career success of students with disabilities. Our program staff consists of professionals and specialists who work collaboratively with students who have mental health, physical and learning disabilities.

Since TAP is a part of the DRES office, complete the DRES registration process before getting started with TAP. You must submit disability documentation with information about the functional limitations resulting from the disability if you have not already done so. Take the documentation to the DRES office in Bayramian Hall 110, and meet with a counselor to complete the registration process.

If you are a new student to CSUN, you can meet with a transition specialist to discuss participation in TAP. The transition specialist will discuss the TAP program and connect you to programming tailored to your academic goals. Make an appointment by calling (818) 677-2684.

We provide a variety of support services to empower students, foster independence, promote achievement of realistic career and educational goals, and assist students in discovering, developing and demonstrating their full potential. For more information, read about some of our services below or watch the "Journey to Success" video clip.

TAP provides the following services.

Academic coaching: Academic coaches encourage and support students in TAP through a combination of peer mentoring and strategic tutoring. If you are struggling with understanding what you're reading, remembering information you already studied, keeping track of assignment due dates, writing papers or figuring out how to study, make an appointment with one of our coaches.

Strengths-based counseling: Take the StrengthsQuest assessment, and discuss the results with trained staff. Developed by Gallup, the StrengthsQuest assessment tool has been taken by more than 700,000 college students. You can use it to determine your natural talents and strategically set a rewarding career path.

Technology to enhance learning: TAP offers training and consultation in the use of technology to complement the learning style of any student, whether visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Connection Points seminars: Connection Points seminars give students the opportunity to meet and interact with other students while expanding their own personal knowledge in a creative and fun environment.