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Register for Services

At, DRES, our goal is to support the college student with a disability to participate fully in campus life, its programs and activities.

To receive academic/housing accommodations and support services, you must be an admitted CSUN student.

Accommodation support is provided by Disability Resources & Educational Services and/or NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

  1. Initiate registration for services by accessing the Student Access and Accommodation System(SAAS).
    1. Log-in to SAAS using your CSUN User ID (i.e., abc12345) and CSUN Portal password.
      Note: Your CSUN User ID is not the same as your Nine-digit CSUN Student ID Number).
    2. Review and accept the Terms of Service
    3. Complete Preliminary Screening Questions to the best of your ability and submit your responses.
    4. Respond to a series of more detailed questions, so that we can learn more about the nature of your request.

      Note: This section may take some time to complete. If you log out, the system will save where you left off and you may return at a later time to complete the application.
    5. If available, Submit Disability Documentation (i.e., a note from a doctor indicating your disability, an IEP, Section 504 Plan, or Psycho-Educational Report, Mental Health Form or Physical Disability Form signed by a licensed provider).

    Disability documentation should contain a specific diagnosis indicating whether the disability is temporary or permanent with a concise description of the functional limitations imposed by your disability. All documentation must be legible and provided in English. If the original documentation is in another language, the student will need to provide a translated copy. Students without documentation are invited to discuss their specific situation with a DRES or NCOD counselor.

    Additional Note for Student Housing: Because emotional support animals are considered accommodations, residents must provide a written request for a reasonable accommodation, along with appropriate supporting documentation from the student's treating licensed medical or mental health professional to DRES. Documentation will be evaluated by DRES and not by university housing. University housing will have procedures that must be followed to register the animal, if approved.

    • Documentation shall include an original letter that must be submitted on official letterhead from a licensed medical or mental health professional dated within the last 30 days, and must include:
    • The provider's professional opinion that the condition qualifies as a disability (i.e., a physical or mental impairment which limits a major life activity).
    • The provider's opinion is that the emotional support animal has been prescribed for treatment purposes and is necessary to mitigate symptoms associated with the condition in order to have a reasonable accommodation to use and enjoy housing services.
    • Any other information that would provide DRES the ability to determine the appropriateness and need for the emotional support animal. DRES may require additional information or documentation.

    For more information, please review the Policy on Service and Emotional Support Animals on Campus

    If you are having issues with adding your disability documentation in SAAS, please contact:

    If registering with DRES, call (818) 677-2684 or email dres@csun.edu or

    If registering with NCOD, call (818) 677-2054 or email ncod@csun.edu.

    1. Schedule an intake appointment

      Once your information has been screened, a DRES and/or NCOD staff member will contact you to schedule a one-hour intake appointment with a counselor to determine approved accommodations.
    2. Meet with an intake counselor

      Through an interactive discussion, your intake counselor will help determine which accommodations you are eligible to receive based on your disability-related functional limitations.

      If you disagree with the approved accommodations, you may request reconsideration through the accommodation appeals process.
    3. Request your accommodations and services

      Log in to the SAAS each semester. If you wish to use approved accommodations, you must request academic or alternative testing accommodations for each individual course.

      To learn more about SAAS, visit the SAAS information page.