Read and Write

Improve your research, reading, study and writing skills with confidence! CSUN has made Read & Write (RW) software for Windows, Mac, and Chrome available to all students. Get access to assistance with effective reading, study strategies, and writing anytime and anywhere.

Read & Write - CSUN

RW is a customizable toolbar with interactive tools to help you with reading and understanding your textbooks, studying course materials and writing papers. Find the tools for you!

Research and Gather Information

Use RW to gather and organize information quickly when searching the web, journal articles, or books for relevant information about a topic.

Prepare and store information for research assignments or when writing reports. You may create a bibliography in APA, MLA or Harvard format for your research.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Fact Folder Feature Video

Highlight text in Word, PDF’s or online and export to a new Word document.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Study Skills Feature Video

Read More in Less Time

RW has tools to increase your reading speed and comprehension to maximize time you spend reading course materials.
Listen to your text instead of reading.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Speech Maker Video

Read anything on your screen, including websites, images, flash and PDF files.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Screenshot Reader Feature Video

Select only the text you want to be read out loud.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Text to Speech Feature Video

Take Notes and Organize an Outline

As you study, use Read & Write’s highlighting features to collect important information, put them in one place, and even create your own study guides.

Collects facts for your paper or assignments by using different highlighting colors. Highlights can be saved into a Word document for review and studying.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Study Skills Feature Video

Gather new vocabulary, save in Word with a definition, and add an image for each word.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Vocabulary List Builder Feature Video

Write a Draft and Prepare your Final Paper

RW can help you review your work and check for grammar and spelling errors, so you can feel more confident about your paper.

Verb Checker and Spell Check tools let you revise and improve your writing.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Verb Checker Feature Video

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Spell Check Feature Video

Listen to your writing to proof read your papers.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Text to Speech Feature Video

Dictionary has advanced options for definitions and sample sentences to help with word choice.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Dictionary Feature Video

Speak your thoughts aloud and RW will start typing for you.

Read&Write Gold Version 11 Speech Input Video

Learn more about what Read & Write has to offer!

Each tool for Read & Write, for Windows or Mac versions, has a brief instructional videos.

Read & Write 12 for Windows

Read & Write for Mac

Read & Write for Chrome



Download Read & Write on your computer through MyCSUNBox

If you have any questions or challenges with the download or to learn more about maximizing your experience with Read & Write, please contact:

Patrice M. Wheeler, Assistive Technology Specialist
Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)