The EOP Milt and Debbie Valera Resilient Scholars Program


Our Purpose

The purpose of initiating the EOP Milt and Debbie Valera Resilient Scholars Program for emancipated youth is to identify student’s potential for success at the pre-college stage and continue through an interactive admissions process. A limited number of candidates who may not be regularly admitted to the university but who have demonstrated that they have the motivation and potential to graduate, are granted special admission consideration. Our program methods benefit former foster youth by providing multiple campus resources. Students will have access and a personal point of contact with over 20 campus departments including the health and counseling centers, financial aid and admissions & records, the career center and student housing. Without support services, less than 1% of all foster youth who attend a four-year university graduate from college, yet with departmental liaisons similar college programs suggest that the enrollment rate will rise up to 20%.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower former foster youth through higher education, and our program is committed to helping students exiting the foster care system succeed. Upon graduating each student will be equipped with educational and interpersonal skills, helping them to be engaged citizens who go on to lead productive, meaningful lives.

Our Values

We cherish Relationships with others
We emphasize Learning
We encourage Wellness
We act with Integrity
We strive for Excellence
We demonstrate Resiliency
We exemplify personal & social Responsibility

Our Goals

Our primary goal is making sure all emancipated foster youth at CSUN have access to key campus resources to include, but not limited to:

  • Admissions and Records
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Year-round Housing
  • Financial Aid 
  • Klotz Student Health Center