The purpose of Student Travel & Academic Research (STAR), formally called Academically Related Reserves Account (ARRA), is to encourage the intellectual development of individual CSUN students, or small groups, by partially funding costs associated with scholarly work. Projects may include original research or other academic work, such as papers, posters, performance pieces and presentations at academic or professional conferences or competitions. AS does not reimburse food or AirBnB.

Up to $3,000 is available for small group academic research projects, and, typically, up to $500 per person. The following are hypothetical examples of eligible research projects.

  • Thesis research or projects
  • Senior projects, which may include interviews, field trips or animation
  • Film, screenwriting, play, workshop, musical work or performance projects
  • Scientific and quasi-scientific study or experiment
  • Research projects relating to one’s academic discipline

Up to $600, or a maximum of $6,000 for as many as ten persons, is available for travel to academic conferences. Examples of covered expenditures include conference registration fees, airfare, hotel and ground transportation. Students must submit proof (invitation or receipt) that he or she will be presenting or speaking at the conference.

STAR funding is available on a first-come, first served basis. There is not an annual application process. Currently enrolled students may submit requests for STAR funding throughout the academic year at least one month in advance. Retroactive funding is not permitted.

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