• University Student Union


Management Staff

Debra L. HammondDebra L. Hammond
Executive Director

(818) 677-2390

Debra Hammond has served as the Executive Director of the USU for over 20 years, beginning her tenure in November, 1993. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction and vision for the USU including serving as the executive secretary of the Board of Directors of our non-profit corporation. She also provides guidance and direction to the following major areas of the organization:  Finance and Business Services, Marketing and Programs, Operations and Services, Student Recreation Center, Human Resources, and Administration and Governance. Debra also serves as a part-time faculty member in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling  (student services/college counseling program). Debra is passionate about the development of students and staff and is committed to creating spaces, facilities, programs, services and opportunities that enrich and enhance the lives of students. She is an advocate for deepening the connection between students and the CSUN campus in order to promote student success and persistence to graduation. Debra received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Rutgers University and her master’s degree in educational administration from California State University, Los Angeles. Debra served as a past president of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI), which is the association that helps to develop college unions and community on college campuses throughout the United States and abroad.  In 2006, she received the Butts-Whiting Award which is bestowed upon those who have made significant and lasting impacts on the association and the profession.

Jimmy FrancisJimmy Francis
Associate Executive Director

(818) 677-2629

Jimmy Francis started with the University Student Union in February 2011, and has served as the Director, Student Recreation Center since October 2012. He provides leadership and direction for SRC Membership Services, Fitness and Wellness, Facility Operations, Intramurals and Aquatics. His passion is to help students achieve their educational goals while providing valuable employment experience, and healthy alternatives outside the classroom to help develop lifelong wellness habits. Jimmy earned his master of arts degree in Sports and Exercise Management from The Ohio State University and his bachelor of arts degree in Physical Education from Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Joe IlluminateJoseph C. Illuminate
Associate Director, Accounting & Finance

(818) 677-6492

Joseph Illuminate has served as the Associate Director, Finance & Business Services since February 2004. He provides leadership and direction for the USU Finance & Business Services department. Joseph is focused on being a steward of student fees to ensure there are sufficient resources to fund programs and services for students at the highest level. He earned his master’s degree in Public Administration and graduate certificate in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. Joseph also holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration with a specialization in accounting from California State University, Los Angeles.  

Kristen Pichler

Kristen Pichler
Associate Director, Human Resources & Professional Development

(818) 677-3849




Freddie SanchezFreddie Sanchez
Associate Director, Marketing & Programs

(818) 677-7618




Raymond JuárezRaymond A. Juárez
Associate Director, Operations & Services

(818) 677-6579

Accounting & Finance

Jonathan Navarro
Accounting Manager
(818) 677-6029

Lusine Dayan
Accounting Supervisor
(818) 677-4175

Tamika Braud
Accountant I, Accounts Receivables
(818) 677-6575

Ali Sadri
Accountant I, Accounts Payable
(818) 677-5285 

Anita Kapil
Accountant II
(818) 677-6565

Renise Weiss
Accountant I, Payroll
(818) 677-6030

Jenn Orellana
Accounts Payable Technician
(818) 677-6033

Karen Yeung
Accounting Technician
(818) 677-3626


Sharon Kinard
Manager, Administration & Assessment
(818) 677-6025

Kingson Leung
Coordinator, Assessment & Special Initiatives
(818) 677-5652

Jennifer Kim
Executive Administrative Analyst
(818) 677-2716

Computer Lab

Nicholas Echeverri
Coordinator, Computer Labs
(818) 677-6005

Diversity Initiatives

Agustín “Augie” Garibay
Assistant Director, Diversity Initiatives
(818) 677-6494 


Audrey Martinez
Manager, USU Events
(818) 677-5058

Pero Akinbohun
Events Supervisor
(818) 677-4171

Xiomara Carranza
Events Supervisor
(818) 677-6576

Facilities Maintenance

Dave Ross
Assistant Director, Facilities & Maintenance
(818) 677-6574

Ana Dattoo
Administrative Assistant, Facilities & Maintenance
(818) 677-3627

Vincent Mele
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
(818) 677-3627

Jose Espino
SRC Facilities Worker
(818) 677-7223

Miguel Galindo
SRC Facilities Worker
(818) 677-7230

Tom Jenkins
Facilities Maintenance Worker
(818) 677-3627

Michael Johnson
Facilities Maintenance Engineer — HVAC
(818) 677-3627

Rick Kaiser
(818) 677-3627

Marvin Morales
Facilities Maintenance Engineer — Electrical
(818) 677-3627

Chris Slark
Facilities Maintenance Carpenter
(818) 677-3627

Ryan Ballek
Facilities Maintenance Worker — Painter
(818) 677-3627

Alan Price
Lead Groundsworker
(818) 677-3627

Nelson Romero
(818) 677-3627

Human Resources

Jenny Aw
Human Resources Specialist
(818) 677-5976

Joanne Cowles
Human Resources Specialist
(818) 677-7615

Randy Sorensen
Training and Development Specialist
(818) 677-2284

Sherry Butler
Human Resources Support Assistant
(818) 677-5975

Laura Watson
Human Resources Assistant
(818) 677-6027


Michael Niles
Marketing Manager
(818) 677-6023

Kyle Hufnagel
(818) 677-6581

James Matzen
Graphic Designer
(818) 677-5743

Steven Wein
Multimedia Coordinator
(818) 677-5957

Troy Thornton
Marketing Coordinator
(818) 677-7612

Mia Lubliner
Marketing Supervisor
(818) 677-5658

Ariel Mazariegos
Art Curator
(818) 677-2875


Jeremy Hamlett
Manager, Operations & Facilities Planning
(818) 677-2194

Kristen Lorico
Coordinator, Operations & Services
(818) 677-4324

Pride Center

Sarina Loeb
Manager, Pride Center
(818) 677-5977

Hedyeh Rezaei
Pride Center Supervisor
(818) 677-2861

Reservations and Event Services

Samantha Liu
Manager, Reservations & Operations
(818) 677-2899

Christopher Jensen
Technical Coordinator
(818) 677-6592

Tim Rasmussen
Coordinator, Building Operations
(818) 677-4940

Raquel de Ruiz Molinar
Coordinator, Reservation & Event Services
(818) 677-7046

Janet Ohnishi
Event Planner
(818) 677-5167

Grace Haddad
Event Planner
(818) 677-5653

Student Recreation Center

Sandra Salute
Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness
(818) 677-5381

Kaila Lavin
Assistant Director, Facility Operations
(818) 677-5649

Richard Cardona
Manager, Wellness Center
(818) 677-7374

Isabel Ayala
Coordinator, Fitness Operations
(818) 677-2650

Amanda Christianson
Coordinator, Fitness Programs
(818) 677-5832

Angela Gattoni
Coordinator, Membership Services
(818) 677-6270

Ryan Hairapetian
Coordinator, Aquatics
(818) 677-5804

Alfredo Padilla
Coordinator, Fitness Training
(818) 677-5525

Gabriel Rosales
Coordinator, Facility Operations
(818) 677-6211

Briell Huerta
Aquatics Supervisor
(818) 677-5487

Jorge Murillo
Supervisor, Intramural Sports
(818) 677-5480

Technology Support Services

Alexander Gonzales
Manager, TSS
(818) 677-6022

Michael Jardinico
Coordinator, TSS Help Desk
(818) 677-7134

Brent Nelson
Coordinator, TSS
(818) 677-7017

Veterans Resource Center

Amber Bartmus
Veterans Resource Center Supervisor
(818) 677-6129