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About Us

The University Student Union (USU) at California State University, Northridge is a student centered non-profit organization that works to expand the college experience through various programs, services, employment, and involvement opportunities.

The USU first opened its doors in 1973 and is located on East University Drive. The facility was designed to enhance the total university experience through volunteer and job opportunities, events, and various services such as food, study areas, computer labs, and TV lounges.

The USU is committed to providing inclusion, diversity and personal growth to students, as well as food, study areas, computer labs, TV lounges, events and entertainment.

Completed in Fall 2006, the USU underwent a $15 million renovation that included the new Sol Center and various upgrades throughout the facilities. In Spring 2012, the USU opened the 138,000 square foot Student Recreation Center facility for exercise and leisure activity that promotes lifelong health and wellness.


The mission of the University Student Union is to foster the achievement of students’ educational goals by facilitating a strong connection between students and their campus community.

We are an engaging and energetic campus program that develops students through inclusive activities, meaningful employment opportunities, leadership experiences and innovative technologies, facilities, and services.


  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Respect
  • Service


Business, Operational Practices and Facilities

Support the design, development and remodel of the USU facilities to develop a wellness center that uses an integrated holistic approach to developing students’ commitment to well-being that positively impacts impediments to academic success.

Support and develop additional usable programmatic spaces and services in the USU that assist students in connection to the campus community.

Examine the feasibility of and need to renovate the interior of Building C to add meeting space, offices, more effective storage and to maximize available usable space. Adding meeting rooms will effectively increase the total inventory of programmable rooms allowing the USU to increase revenues needed to offset future fee increases, and to be able to create a sustainable, state-of-the-art conference and meeting center.

Enrollment Management, Retention and Advocacy

Examine, plan and publish corporate-wide assessments as part of the creation of a culture of evidence that strategically plans assessments, establishes transparency for stakeholders, and produces evidence that specific USU programs, services, and/or facilities enhance students’ capacity for personal achievement.

Conduct the Student Affairs Program review process for the USU in order to assess compliance with the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) and continually improve USU operations, services and programs.

Develop a comprehensive campus recreation program that contributes to the increase of fitness levels, health and overall wellness of the campus community and contributes to student persistence to graduation.

Maximize Financial Resources

Review the long-term financial plan to determine whether there are sufficient net assets to provide funding for current operations and future initiatives.

Determine the best uses of the Satellite Student Union in order to maximize use of organizational financial resources.

Staff Development and Well-Being

Implement an ongoing employee training and development program for supervisors that enhances skills and increases positive performance.

Support the Board of Directors student representatives and the USU student employees in discovering, strengthening and using their natural talents via the StrengthsQuest® program in order to help them achieve their educational goals.

Technology Advancement

Examine the need for an Innovative Technology Lounge in the former Computer Lab space to assist students in achieving their educational goals by providing the appropriate environment and technology.

Create an efficient recruitment and application tracking system that will streamline the manual-based recruitment process to an electronic-based recruitment process.

Strategic Priorities

Video: Welcome to Your University Student Union

The University Student Union is here to maximize the CSUN experience for all Matadors. Watch this fun video for an inside look at the USU’s “Top Six Pro Tips” for every student on campus.

Here’s a quick preview: You can do it all at the USU!

Management Staff

Debra L. HammondDebra L. Hammond
Executive Director

(818) 677-2390

Debra Hammond has served as the Executive Director of the USU for over 20 years, beginning her tenure in November, 1993. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction and vision for the USU including serving as the executive secretary of the Board of Directors of our non-profit corporation. She also provides guidance and direction to the following major areas of the organization:  Finance and Business Services, Marketing and Programs, Operations and Services, Student Recreation Center, Human Resources, and Administration and Governance. Debra also serves as a part-time faculty member in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling  (student services/college counseling program). Debra is passionate about the development of students and staff and is committed to creating spaces, facilities, programs, services and opportunities that enrich and enhance the lives of students. She is an advocate for deepening the connection between students and the CSUN campus in order to promote student success and persistence to graduation. Debra received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Rutgers University and her master’s degree in educational administration from California State University, Los Angeles. Debra served as a past president of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI), which is the association that helps to develop college unions and community on college campuses throughout the United States and abroad.  In 2006, she received the Butts-Whiting Award which is bestowed upon those who have made significant and lasting impacts on the association and the profession.

Jimmy FrancisJimmy Francis
Associate Executive Director, Operations & Services

(818) 677-2629

Jimmy Francis started with the University Student Union in February 2011, and served as the Director for the Student Recreation Center before being appointed to the Associate Executive Director role. He provides leadership and direction for the operations and services areas of the USU, and also leads its renovation and construction projects. His passion is to help students achieve their educational goals by providing valuable employment experience and quality programs, services and facilities. Jimmy earned his master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Management from The Ohio State University and his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Joe IlluminateJoseph C. Illuminate
Associate Director, Accounting & Finance

(818) 677-6492

Joseph Illuminate has served as the Associate Director, Finance & Business Services since February 2004. He provides leadership and direction for the USU Finance & Business Services department. Joseph is focused on being a steward of student fees to ensure there are sufficient resources to fund programs and services for students at the highest level. He earned his master’s degree in Public Administration and graduate certificate in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. Joseph also holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration with a specialization in accounting from California State University, Los Angeles.  

Kristen Pichler

Kristen Pichler
Associate Director, Human Resources & Professional Development

(818) 677-3849

Kristen Pichler, or KP as she’s more commonly known, started her employment with the University Student Union in 1985. Since then, she’s served in a variety of progressively responsible positions prior to stepping into her current role as the Associate Director, Human Resources & Professional Development in 2000, leading HR functions for the USU’s 450 employees and 40 volunteers. KP fosters a legal, safe, and fair employment environment, and is a champion of the student employment experience, encouraging students to acquire knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes that will help them succeed at work both now and post-graduation. She is a devoted Matador, holding both a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in English, from California State University, Northridge.

Freddie SanchezFreddie Sanchez
Associate Director, Marketing & Programs

(818) 677-7618

Freddie Sanchez joined the University Student Union in November 2015 as the Assistant Director for Resource Centers (Veterans Resource Center, Pride Center). In 2017, he was appointed as the Associate Director for Marketing & Programs overseeing various USU departments including Diversity & Inclusion, Events, Marketing, Pride Center, Veterans Resource Center and leadership development for the USU Board of Directors. Freddie is passionate about providing equitable opportunities for students that are transformative and increase student success at CSUN. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Ph.D. Program in Education at Claremont Graduate University/San Diego State University. He received a Master’s of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs from the University of Southern California and two bachelor’s degrees (Spanish and Financial Mathematics & Statistics) from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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