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Faculty Development Workshop Calendar

Are you look for some inspiration for trying something new? In addition to our comprehensive programs, Faculty Development offers productive workshops for CSUN faculty on a variety of topics throughout the year. We announce these in our monthly Newsletter which goes to all CSUN Faculty and you can view the Calendar for our current offerings.

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eLearning Institute

If you are relatively comfortable with the technology already and want to focus on pedagogy, this program is designed for you to build one of your courses in Canvas using the Quality Learning and Teaching framework. Explore best practices as you prepare your course and learn from faculty peer facilitators who share examples and provide specific advice on online course design.

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Institute for Transformative Teaching and Learning

This program focuses on closing race equity gaps in the teaching and learning experience.  Faculty collaborate in a multidisciplinary group to learn about and apply evidence-based practices. The aim of this program is to empower faculty to transform their teaching so that it is even more fulfilling while leading to more equitable outcomes for our students of color.

Transforming STEM Teaching

Would you like your students to be more engaged in your STEM courses? Are you thinking about equity and how you can facilitate inclusivity in your course? Join a group of STEM faculty to explore strategies to enrich your courses and promote student engagement to improve learning.

New Faculty Reconnection

Newly hired faculty – LET’S RECONNECT! Join your new colleagues from across the campus to continue meeting each other and let’s share strategies and resources to further smooth the transition to CSUN. Topics will align with navigating the demands of teaching online, scholarship, service, and balance PLUS insights into the process of navigating your first year evaluation.

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Get Up to Speed with HyFlex Teaching

Are you ready to learn about teaching HyFlex courses? This self-paced, asynchronous program covers strategies for teaching courses in multiple modalities while keeping all your students engaged. This course covers the important information you need to know to adapt your syllabus, materials, and delivery for this new modality where students can participate in your course face-to-face in the classroom or synchronously on Zoom (or asynchronously online, if you provide that additional option).

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Get Up to Speed with Online Teaching

Want to level-up your online teaching skills and work at your own pace? This asynchronous program that integrates pedagogy PLUS technology covers best practices, techniques and tools to plan, create content, facilitate and assess learning online. Designed to benefit faculty newer to online teaching or who are just getting started, as well as spark ideas for faculty with online teaching experience.

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ACUE's Designing Learner-Centered and Equitable Courses

CSUN is offering ACUE’s microcredential course program called "Designing Learner-Centered and Equitable Courses" through funding from CSU Chancellor’s Office to complement our efforts to equip instructors with proven strategies to create a more equitable and just learning environment.

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ACUE's Effective Teaching Courses

If you already know how to build your Canvas course, perhaps you would prefer to spend a year with CSUN colleagues in a formal course exploring evidence-based pedagogies such as active learning, equity and learning-centered practices. This results with a rare certificate in Effective College Instruction.

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Faculty Writing Communities

The Faculty Writing Communities provides faculty members with a structure and a positive community of fellow faculty interested in making weekly progress on their writing goals throughout the semester. 




Where is Faculty Development located?

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