Faculty Development

Faculty Development

FacDev-Pathways to Faculty Success

Mission Statement

Faculty Development provides relevant and thought-provoking programming to support all faculty in their teaching, scholarship, service, and leadership journeys.
Our programming and partnerships are informed by equity-mindedness, technology-enriched best practices, and data-driven inquiry. We seek a supportive culture of shared power that engages with the well-being and success of both faculty and students.

October's note from the Director...

Hello October! We are in full speed of the Fall semester. If you're feeling overwhelmed or starting to question how is it all going to get done, I want to remind you that all faculty have the unique privilege of temporarily accessing a free membership to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity.

This organization is amazing; they offer online materials to support faculty balancing the demands of teaching, scholarship, and service. Four years ago, Kerry Ann Rockquemore, CEO of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity was invited by Dr. Theresa White, Department Chair of Africana Studies to visit CSUN.

In my humble opinion, Dr. Rockquemore delivered one of the most powerful keynote talks I've ever seen. She spoke about the realities of navigating tenure as a person of color and the invisible complexities of how ALL faculty balance the demands of teaching, scholarship, and service. Here are a few highlights if you become a member:

  • Few people like emails, but Kerry Ann's weekly Monday Motivator messages provide insights that many find affirming, are based on evidence, and include specific concrete strategies. For instance, last Monday's message was titled, "Saying no at mid-career."
  • A 12-part curriculum includes webinars on topics such as: Every Semester Needs a Plan; Mastering Academic Time Management; or Cultivating your Network of Mentors, Sponsors & Collaborators.
  • If your scholarship involves writing, a 14-day Writing Challenge online program might be of interest to you. The next one starts October 28th.

Visit the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity website, select CSUN, and create your account. 


August's note from the Director...

Welcome back! Our FacDev Team had a busy summer as our office has expanded, paving the way for us to provide more dynamic program offerings to meet the needs of all our faculty. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. The team significantly expanded and over the summer we worked together to develop our new mission statement (see below). 
  2. Marcy De Veaux, faculty in Journalism, has assumed the important leadership position as Associate Director of Faculty Development! She will lead a new committee of faculty, New Faculty Foundations, to explore and develop equity-minded programming for newly hired faculty. 
  3. Hillary Kaplowitz and Janett Silvers, Instructional Designers, along with the Academic Technology Fellows (ATFs) have moved to Faculty Development allowing us to provide programming for faculty to integrate pedagogy and technology. This means we now offer eLearning programming to help you teach online, hybrid, and technology enhanced face-to-face courses; this even includes the eLearning Institute!
  4. Coming soon we will invite you to an open house of our newly redesigned Faculty Development space. This will be the home of all our Faculty Learning Communities. It will also be open for faculty lounging/decompressing (with coffee, tea & snacks), an open grading zone, and protected space for a different kind of faculty connection, dialogue, and creativity. 

On behalf of the entire FacDev team, we can't wait to engage with you this year!

Whitney Scott