The University Corporation


How The University Corporation Supports CSUN

Established in 1958, The University Corporation is a non-profit auxiliary corporation providing commercial and administrative services to Cal State, Northridge.

The University Corporation operates for the sole benefit of California State University, Northridge and does not receive any state support. Surplus generated through its commercial endeavors are transferred to the University for discretionary use.

Reporting Transparency

In an effort to be consistent with Good Governance Practices for 501(c)(3) Corporations, please find the attached documents.

The main activities of The University Corporation:


The Corporation's primary retail operation is the Matador Bookstore, providing textbooks, general books, supplies and CSUN gifts and clothing to the Cal State, Northridge community. The Matador Bookstore is managed by Follett Higher Education Group, one of the country's leading college retailers.

CSUN Dining

The University Corporation's Foodservices department provides convenient, reasonably-priced meals at various locations throughout campus. Our food units include such popular franchises as Burger King, Subway, Juice It Up, Panda Express, and El Pollo Loco. Recent additions to our dining facilities on campus includes our Pan-Asian restaurant, Bamboo Terrace, Freudian Sip at Student Housing, plus Shake Smart and the rebranding of all our convenience stores to Matador Mercado.     

Real Estate - Faculty/Staff Housing

The Corporation provides spacious, well-appointed, yet reasonably-priced rental townhomes just one block from campus.

Sponsored Programs

Federal, state and other research grants, as well as contracts and community-oriented programs are administered by The University Corporation.

Investments and Endowments

The Corporation also maintains a significant investment portfolio, a portion of which is managed by CSUN Finance students. University Corporation endowments provide grants for faculty research, student research, and the development of innovative teaching methods. The Corporation provides scholarships for CSUN students and textbook discounts to the University's Presidential Scholars.


Management of the University Licensing program was transferred to The University Corporation in 2002 and includes licensing of University facilities for events, classroom rentals, and film shoots, as well as licensing of products bearing the official marks of the University.