Proctoring Services

The CSUN Testing Center offers proctoring services to anyone who needs to take tests on the CSUN campus for another school or agency. Students participating in distance-learning programs or correspondence-degree programs and professionals who need to be tested to receive certification in their field may possibly arrange proctoring at our facility.

Types of Test Administration and Hours

Pencil and paper testing

The Testing Center must receive pencil and paper-based exams from the originating college, university or agency before you schedule a proctored test. The exam must be sent to the following address.

California State University, Northridge

Testing Center

18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91330-8240

Attn: Charity Chia

Once you have requested the exam to be sent, allow three to five business days before scheduling an exam appointment. Arrange for the home campus or agency to include a prepaid self-addressed return envelope. Otherwise, the student is responsible for any related postage fees.

Web-based testing

Email correspondence from another college, university, or agency detailing the Web-based exam instructions need to be sent to testing.center@csun.edu.  Please copy Charity Chia at cchia@csun.edu to ensure receipt of exam materials.

Test administration hours

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:45 p.m


How to Request A Proctor

Step 1 – Obtain approval

It is the responsibility of the candidate to coordinate with their home school/university to meet the specific requirements for each test proctored. The Testing Coordinator of the Testing Center will complete all necessary proctor paperwork.

    1. Have your school/instructor send your exam materials

    2. If school needs additional information, have them complete our Proctoring Services Form
    3. Email the form to

    4. Exam materials and/or information regarding the exam parameters from school/instructor needs to be received by Testing Center to arrange for a testing appointment

Step 2 – Arrange a testing appointment

  1. Once the proctoring services form or exam materials have been received by the Testing Center, candidates can call 818-677-2369 to arrange a testing appointment

Step 3 – Testing day

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time

  2. Current photo identification required for check-in

  3. All personal items will be locked in a locker

  4. Complete the proctoring rules agreement form

  5. Pay proctoring fees, if applicable

Rules and Guidelines

Testing Policies

  1. Review the information to understand the testing policies for tests administered Monday-Friday at CSUN’s Testing Center.   For tests administered on Saturdays, please review that particular test’s policies.

Proctoring Rules Agreement

  1. When making an appointment, you agree to all the terms set forth by the Proctoring Rules Agreement. Please review before making your appointment, call our office at 818-677-2369 or email testing.center@csun.edu with any questions.

Visitor Policy

While it is important for candidates to have a support system in place, visitors are not allowed in the testing center rooms for any reason.  Visitors may wait in the reception area or the hallway where benches and chairs are available.  Children are not permitted in the testing rooms or to be left unattended while a candidate takes an exam.

Exam Policy

The Testing Center will hold exams received for a maximum of four weeks unless specified in exam information.  Individuals that have not scheduled, canceled, or failed to appear for an appointment, their exams will be returned to the originating institution and/or destroyed after 30 days of receipt or exam due date, whichever occurs first.

Testing Fees and Parking

Proctoring services are available to students and nonstudents for a small fee. Fees will be prorated by the half hour. Payment for proctoring services is payable by cash or money order. Personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted. 

Testing Fee Based on Test Type
Type of TestFee
Pencil and paper-based$15 per hour
Web-based$20 per hour

You may purchase a single-day permit at an attendant booth or dispenser for $6; day-pass parking dispensers accept cash. For location of parking lots and dispenser locations, refer to the student parking information. Parking in the B3 structure is recommended.

Visit the Test Reporting Locations Map for driving directions to CSUN campus.  Our office is located in Bayramian Hall room 190.  We are the blue building on the map.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at (818) 677-2369 or email testing.center@csun.edu