TUC Sponsored Programs


Signature Authorization on Sponsored Projects

1. Signature Authorization Requirements

The University Corporation Post-Award office is required to maintain original authorized signatures on file for each project.

 2. Signature Authorization Sheets

As part of the setup procedure of a new project, the Principal Investigator/Project Director must submit a Signature Authorization Form to The University Corporation. The Post-Award office will send the form to the Principal Investigator when the project is established.
The Signature Authorization Form must list the signature of the Principal Investigator/Project Director and the signature(s) of all person(s) authorized to sign on behalf of the project. This typically includes all Co-Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, and any senior staff (Project Directors, Project Managers, etc.) with substantial day-to-day oversight of project operations.
A separate Signature Authorization Form with original signatures is required for each project.  Copies will be stored electronically by the Post-Award office.
Completed forms must be submitted to The University Corporation Post-Award office, Mail Drop 8309.

 3. Liability

The Principal Investigator/Project Director is liable for all expenses and personnel actions resulting from an authorized signer.

4. Verification of Signatures

It is the responsibility of The University Corporation to verify that each expenditure request and personnel action contains an authorized signature on file. No expenditure or personnel action may be approved without such a signature.

5. Payments

Self payments are not allowed!

Payments to the Principal Investigator
All personnel actions, direct payments to and payments that benefit the Principal Investigator must be signed by at least one of the following:

  •  Director of Finance and Operations of the respective College (formerly called Manger of Academic Resources)
  •  The Chair or Associate Chair of the respective Department
  •  The Dean or Associate Dean of the respective College
  •  The Associate Vice President of Research


  • An authorized signer appointed by the Principal Investigator cannot sign for personnel actions, direct payments and payments that benefit the Principal Investigator.
  • If a project has two or more Principal Investigators (Co-Principal Investigators), the signature of one Co-Principal Investigator is sufficient to approve a personnel action, direct payment to and payments that benefit another Principal Investigator.

Payments to an Authorized Signer (Other than the Principal Investigator )

  •  The Principal Investigator must sign all personnel activities, direct payments and payment that benefit an Authorized Signer.   
  • Authorized Signers who are not Principal Investigators cannot approve a personnel action, direct payment to and payments that benefit another Authorized Signer.
  •  If the Principal Investigator is not available to sign a personnel action, direct payment to and payments that benefit an Authorized Signer, the signature of either the Director of Finance and Operations, the Associate Chair, the Chair, the Associate Dean, the Dean, or the Associate Vice President of Research is required.

6. Procedure Information

Date of Last Revision: 06/14/19

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