TUC Sponsored Programs

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Reporting

1. Administration

Awards under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are processed according to the same policies and procedures as all other grants administered by The University Corporation (TUC). In addition, ARRA awards are subject to specific reporting requirements discussed in this document.

2. Applicable Regulations

TUC will be following all guidance issued by the Office for Management and Budget (OMB) and the sponsoring agencies from which it receives ARRA funds.

3. Quarterly Report Submission

Beginning September 2009, ARRA Quarterly Reports will be submitted no later than the 10th day after each quarter to the website www.federalreporting.gov

4. Responsibilities

4.1 Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) will identify any award covered by ARRA and notify TUC immediately after the award.

4.2 Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator are responsible for all aspects of management of their projects, including financial oversight. The Principal Investigator will in particular be responsible for providing the following information to TUC 10 days before the end of the quarter:

  • Number of Jobs Created/Retained
  • Description of Jobs Created/Retained
  • Description of Quarterly Activities/Progress Report

4.3 TUC-Sponsored Programs

The TUC Sponsored Programs Department will be responsible for gathering the appropriate data elements and submitting reports no later than the 10th day after each quarter to the website www.federalreporting.gov.

5. Submitted Information

To ensure accuracy and timely submission of data, the best available financial and jobs data will be reported. This data will primarily be as of the quarter end for which TUC is reporting. In cases where quarter-end data might be incomplete or inaccurate, the most current, accurate data available will be reported. As reports are cumulative, any information for the previous quarter not reported by the 10th day after the end of that quarter will be included in the next quarterly report.

5.1 Grant Detail

Grant details relate are completed with the information about the grant and about TUC.
The Awardee Congressional District will be identified as: 27

5.2 Expenditures

Expenditures will be derived from TUC's financial accounting system.

5.3 Jobs Created/Retained

The Principal Investigator will calculate the jobs created and retained through the award and, provide the numbers together with the job description, to TUC.

The number of jobs created/retained will be calculated as follows:

STEP 1: Calculate Quarterly Hours in a FullTime Schedule.

A. Start by determining the standard hours in a full‐time workweek schedule as illustrated below. This example uses 40 hours, but other standards are possible.

B. Multiply this amount by 13 weeks to determine the quarterly number of hours for fulltime work:

40 Hours in fulltime work week X 13 weeks per quarter = 520 Total Quarterly Hours

STEP 2: Calculate the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for this Quarter.

A. Determine the number of hours worked in positions funded by the Recovery Act within the current quarter. For example, a full‐time employee working 40 hours per week during the entire quarter will work 520 hours in the quarterly reporting period.

B. Divide this number by the “Quarterly Hours in a Full-Time Schedule' number calculated in STEP 1.

This calculation should be performed for each employee working under Recovery Act funding within the reporting quarter (add each together to calculate an FTE total):

520 Hours Worked and Funded by Recovery Act
520 Quarterly Hours in a Full‐Time Schedule                                 = 1.0 FTE

For this example, the FTE figure “1.0' should be reported within the “Number of Jobs' data field.

(If Needed) Reflect Partial ARRA Funding.
A. Count all hours worked on the project. In this example, a total of 520 hours were worked on the project and the total number of quarter hours in a full time schedule is 520 hours. The recipient determines the amount of hours, by employee, funded by the Recovery Act (in this case, 50%) and totals only those hours.
B. Calculate FTE:
260 Hours Worked
520 Quarterly Hours in a Full‐Time Schedule                                = 0.5 FTE

For this example, the FTE figure “0.5' should be reported within the “Number of Jobs' data field.

 Source: Updated Guidance on American Recovery and Reinvestment Job Calculation issued 12/18/09.

5.4 Quarterly Activities/Progress Report

“Quarterly Activities/Progress Reports' will be updated based on information received from each project's Principal Investigator (PI).

6. Subrecipients

Subrecipients are informed of reporting requirements in the subaward by TUC. At the discretion of the Principal Investigator, Subrecipients are delegated reporting authority will submit the information directly to Federalreporting.gov. 
Subreciepients to whom the reporting authority will not delegated will be required to submit the best available data to TUC, which will include the data in TUC's quarterly report.

7. Corrections

During the ten-day correction window, the data can be modified by TUC before the 21st.

In case Federalreporting.gov identifies an issue during its day 22-29 review and opens a report for edit, TUC will make corrections to the report as instructed.  Any data issues identified beyond the date of publication (day 30) will be corrected or addressed in the next quarterly report.