Urban Food Economies

My research focuses on urban food economiesThe overall objective of the project is to conduct research and education that bridges the topics of networks with urban food systems. The research question driving the project is what are the network dynamics that link places together through urban food system? The significance of the project is that in urban food systems research, relatively little is known about the spatial networks that link locations of production and consumption. Such knowledge could contribute to better understandings of sustainability and resilience. Students will gain experience in data processing and analysis in Microsoft Excel and GIS, and depending on your interests and abilities, could include cartography, SPSS software, and additional fieldwork data collection. This includes qualitative, quantitative, and GIS methods. Current projects focus on livelihoods and well-being in the south Pacific country of Vanuatu and on cooperative and social enterprise in L.A. The job will be relevant for students interested in topics such as sustainability, health, and community development.