Center for Geographical Studies

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Center for Geospatial Science and Technology

About CGST

The Center for Geospatial Science & Technology is an interdisciplinary research center focused on applications, education, and innovative solutions to real world problems using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As part of our mission, we serve as a leader and catalyst for the advancement of GIS technology for academic institutions, private industry, and the public sector. With years of experience in geospatial technology, we provide quality services while providing our students with an opportunity to develop skills that further their educational experience and prepare them for the working world. Our services vary from education and training in geospatial technology to implementation of customized GIS solutions. 

The Center provides:

  • State of the art facilities and access to cutting edge geospatial tools and software.
  • Expert faculty and staff with advanced training and experience in an array of geographic information science areas.
  • A highly motivated group of student-interns trained in the most current methods and tools, under the supervision of the Center’s faculty and staff.
  • Geospatial services at a fair price while providing valuable job experience for CSUN students. It’s a great community partnership!