The Geography Department houses two state of the art computer labs geared towards Geographic Information Systems. In fact, they are among the most sophisticated and well-equipped GIS labs in the United States. The two labs are identical; each one serves as a Smart Classroom, in which a computer and various multimedia devices are wired to a ceiling-mounted projector, as well as an open lab. When class is not in session, any Geography major or student enrolled in a geography course may use the labs.

The two labs feature 48 HP Z200SFF Workstations running Windows 7 Enterprise on 64-bit Intel Core i7 processors. Each computer is equipped with 8BG of memory and a 465GB hard drive and is connected to a 24-inch HP LA2405 LCD display.

The department ensures that students have access to the leading GIS, Remote Sensing, and Cartography software packages used in research and industry. As of 2013, our available software includes:

Adobe Design Standard CS5.5

Erdas Imagine 2011

ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 - This is the full ArcInfo license and includes the following extensions:
3D Analyst, ArcScan, Geostatistical Analyst, Image Analysis, Maplex, Network Analyst, Publisher, Schematics, Spatial Analyst, Stereo Analyst, Survey Analyst, and Tracking Analyst

Microsoft Office 2013

Natural Scene Designer Pro 5.0

Google Earth 7.1


AutoCAD 2012

Additionally, students have access to HP LaserJet and Color LaserJet printers.